Sembach Missileers

Sembach Missileers

38th TAC Missile Wing Missileers (USAF) - Sembach, AB. Germany

Sembach Air Base

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This website is dedicated to former members of the 38th Tactical Missile Wing (USAF) that were stationed at Sembach Air Base, Germany between August, 1959 and September, 1966.

    • August 20, 1959 – 38th TMW headquarters moved from Hahn AB, Germany to Sembach AB, Germany
    • September 25th, 1966 – 38th TMW deactivated (Mace A TM-76A / MGM-13A curtailed)

Upon its arrival at Sembach AB, the 38th TMW initially wielded the shorter range Matador TM-61C, ground-to-ground cruise missile system, but shortly afterwards migrated to the longer range Mace A TM-76A (MGM-13A) weapons system.

Organizational Mace A missile units at Sembach AB included:

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