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Sembach Kaserne (formerly Sembach Air Base) is a United States Army installation in Sembach, Germany, near Kaiserslautern, and is about 19 miles (30 km) east of Ramstein Air Base. Prior to October 2010, it was a United States Air Force installation, and prior to 1995, it was an active military airfield known as Sembach Air Base (see

During the Cold War, Sembach housed a variety of USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, Close-Air Support and Tactical Air Control units as a front line NATO air base.

On August 29, 1959, the 38th Tactical Missile Wing (TMW) moved to Sembach from Hahn Air Base. Sembach then became the Air Force’s primary missile base in Europe.

The 38th TMW had the comparatively short ranged MGM-1 Matador ground-to-ground weapons system when it arrived at Sembach but changed to the longer ranged TM-76A / MGM-13A Mace (aka Mace-A) missile soon after its arrival.

Sembach remained a missile base until the 38th TMW was inactivated in September 1966, and its missiles were returned to the United States.

This website is dedicated to the Mace-A Missileers that served at Sembach during the 1960s. Sembach AFB Air Force Base

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