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Leonard D Rodwell from Conway South Carolina 29526 wrote on November 27, 2023
Any one around that played on the 1964 soft ball team that became the undisputed champions with in the German Sports Conference.
Thomas sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on June 30, 2023
Happy Fourth of July to all of you who served at Sembach.
John F. Miller from Sun City West wrote on May 12, 2023
I was reassigned from Wheelus AFB, Libya to Sembach AFB March 1965 to Sept. 1967 replacing Lt. Jerry Hooker and Joseph Montgomery who were killed in a light plane accident.

My supervisors at 38th TMW were Lt/col John J Legrand, Dir. of Personnel; Col Roswell W. Ard, Base commander and Col. Britt S. May, TMW Commander.

Worked with Lt. Jim Armitage, Herr Fritz Hackenburger, Msgt McClean and Kath ?., plus many other I don't remember.

A few of my memories are taking the base basketball team to East Berlin in January of 1966 and taking the base football team to Wheelus AFB, Libya to play there all-star team on Thanksgiving 1966 in two planes ; a c-54 and a c-47.

A few of the friends I hung around with Were: 1st Lt Steve Foote, 1st Lt Steve "Yogi" Behr, Captain Ward Noble, 2nd Lt. richard J. field and 1st Lt. ? Reed.

Many fond memories about Semback AFB remain with me.
Bob Perkins from Fort Collins, Colorado wrote on April 29, 2023
I like to visit the guess book every now and then, I always learn something new.
I was sent to Sembach in the summer of 1963.
I married while at Lowery AFB then on to Orlando AFB left my new bride and ended up assigned to Grunstadt. I was a new Guidance System Specialist. Assigned to fix the A birds. We (the fix'em crew members) were later dispatched from Sembach.
Wife later joined me and we stayed until 1965.
Loved the snowball fights with the AP's. Made lots of friends, many whom I saw again when I rotated to Montana to work on Air to Air missile systems. Aims, Gars etc.
Mustered out in May 1966 and spent a lifetime with "Big Blue" before retiring.
Oh, see the irony? All those Air Bases are now closed. But what memories, right Dutch?
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
Hi Bob, don't know if you are aware... TAC Missileers have a reunion scheduled in San Antonio, May 16, 17 & 18. Dutch is planning to attend, as well as at least a half dozen other Grunstadt guys. If you are interested in attending, and act quickly, we can add you (and spouse?) to the attendee list. Let me know ASAP if you are interested... Best Regards, Russ Reston russ@SembachMissileers.org See this URL for the Reunion info - https://tacmissileers.org/the-2023-farewell-reunion-is-a-go/
Steffen Eiser from Ingelheim wrote on April 14, 2023
first of all many thanks for this nice website with a lot of information and photos about the facilities near Sembach.

But there is one thing, that I can't find:

Next to the railway line Bad Kreuznach - Kaiserslautern near the station of Neuhemsbach / Hahnerhof, there was a railhead for serving the Sembach Airbase by rail.

Are there any information or pictures, plans etc. of this facility?

and in a map of around 1950:

Best regards
Daryl Hise from Coloraod Springs wrote on April 11, 2023
I loved Sembach AB. I was there in 1977-1979. 601 Combat Support Group. I worked in the Gym. I was a AIC, then SRA, then the add Sgt. TSgt Rogers Harris was the boss. I miss it, a lot.
Lessie A. Lewis from Tifton Georgia wrote on February 22, 2023
Really enjoy reading entries to the guest book. Wonderful moments of recollection and remembrances. I was with the 822nd TMS from 1962 to 1964. Launch crew 1-4 (Chargirl One).
Very memorable moments for me occurred during October of 1962 and November of 1963. Those of course were the dates of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President John Kennedy. Very tense days for all of us, particularly for those of us who were accompanied by dependents.
Heinz WEISSMANN from Sembach wrote on February 16, 2023
From 1955 till 1961 I worked as a Technical at the Base Communication Center.
I took care the Telephone System at the Command Post and all the Sites. Well known and a beautiful time.
Since 1990 I am leaving in Thailand.
Fred Ayers from Westlake wrote on January 29, 2023
Was stationed with 822nd launch crew in 59-62, Site A.
John Gulig from Silver Lake wrote on January 26, 2023
I was at Ramstein AB when this album (https://sembachmissileers.org/gi_germany_vol1/)was made working in the GCA unit. Brings back a lot of memories! Sembach was the approach control at that time, and we did a few trips back and forth socializing. Beer drinking as otherwise known! Great time of my life and my first real adventures. Still have many fond memories and can see it all as clear today as when I was living it. Thanks for sharing the album.
Thomas E Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on November 11, 2022
Happy Veterans Day to everyone
William C. Palmer from Evansville, In. wrote on October 20, 2022
Arrived Sembach Feb 65 Feb 68, 38th AP Sq. spent 8 months at Grunstadt.
Jim holler from Raleigh, nc wrote on August 27, 2022
To Randy Boyer
I was looking through the guest entryโ€™s and saw your entry about your father.
I was on the 587th Volleyball team with your father. Still remember that team.
SSgt Jim Spanel from Springfield Ohio wrote on July 18, 2022
Was stationed at Sembach 71-72 with 601 TCMS. Spent my last year on the mountain running power for the trc 97 radio relay units. I done a full 12 hour night shift and loved it usually alone . I still remember the giant jack rabbits in the early morning headlights. Had a German F104 nose in about a hundred yards from the power plant. Just stood there wondering when he was going to pull up. The pilot had punched out a mile back. Good times.
Solomon C Jones from Newark wrote on June 16, 2022
i am asking any one station at sembach, were they expose to agent orange any time while station at sembach or other herbicides please email, also the airman that was killed in an auto accident off base last name Brown, seeking his first name and Family contact, if you have any info please email me.
Thomas E Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on June 14, 2022
No I didn't know him. Good to hear from you. Had a good time at Sembach. I saw my roommate had a comment in the guest book, but I haven't heard anymore from him.
I have two friends that were at Bitburg. Not AP though.
Bill Berks from Blackwood, NJ wrote on June 14, 2022
Tom Sharrow:
Tom, apologize, missed your email before.
I was a K-9 handler with the 38th Tactical Missile Wing from June 1962-April1964. I was at Bitburg AB, Feb 1961- June1962 (Matadors) inside of the Pad., then up to Sembach with the Mace.
Had a 19 year break in service, went back in and retired 2002 after retiring from the Camden, NJ Police Force.
Did you know a Mack Jones, 38th Air Police Squadron at Grunstadt 64-67? Trying to locate anyone that knew him at his brothers request.
Take Care
Bill Berks from Blackwood, NJ wrote on June 14, 2022
Need some help. If anyone knows a Mack Jones who was an Air Policeman assigned to the 38th Air Police Squadron at Grunstadt, please contact me.
Mack was there 1964-1967.
Bill B
Duane D Thys from Cedar Rapids wrote on May 23, 2022
Squadron clerk with 38th Material Sq. 1961--1963.
John J Burri from Eloy, AZ wrote on May 20, 2022
Father, John A. Burri stationed at Sembach Air Base approximately 1968-72. He was a "scope dope", radar operator, I think he said. Our entire family was there, Mom, my two sisters and I. Lived first in Wurttemberg, then Enkenbach-Alsenborn, and finally on base housing, building 64-A2 if I remember correctly. Great childhood memories. Dad passed away in 2010. Would love to hear from anyone who may have known him or simply served there at the same time. burritone at comcast dot net
James Gunther from Oceanside wrote on May 18, 2022
Stationed at Sembach AB from 1970 thru 1974 with the 2nd Mobile Comm Group (2MOB). Sent much of my time in the field working as a Radio Relay Repairman and eating T&C's in 12 man field tents. We also had some good TDYs in Greece, Turkey, and Iran.
bill berks from Blackwood, NJ 08012 wrote on May 13, 2022
Stationed at Sembach 1962-1964 as an Air Policeman with the 38th Air Police Squadron, 38th Tactical Missile Wing. Looking for fellow members of the 38th Air Police K-9 Unit.
Had 19 year break in service, went back to Sembach in 1997-1998. Landmarks still there to include chow hall, NCO Club and kennels on the flight line. (However now controlled by Germany I believe. Will send photos.
Ken Kunzman from Granbury Texas wrote on May 9, 2022
Crew 1-15 1966 Sembach. Grew up in USAF Military family, Joined in 64 at 19yrs, Left from Malmstrom, MT in 68 to return to NY and job at IBM. Retired IBM in 93 in Dallas, TX. No regrets about the great life provided while growing up and the time to grow up while enlisted.
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
FYI - I changed your input. I replaced "1967" with "1966" as the missiles were phased out in Sept. 1966. ๐Ÿ™‚
Like you, I worked for IBM (Customer Engineer) after leaving the AF (1966). I retired in 2002 (35 years).
Regards, Russ

ps - Checkout www.TacMissileers.org. They have a reunion scheduled for Sept. 2022. Sembach is usually well represented.
Calvin Lancaster from VENICE wrote on April 29, 2022
my FATHER Calvin Lancaster was in Sembach approx imately late 1962 to 1965-6 era he had 3 boys at the time he was a 20 year man after sembach he went on to grenier in new hampshire when it closed he ewas at Vandenberg AFB tracking missles in the early 70s and finished up 1974-1977 at wright patterson maybe someone remembers him from back at sembach
Randy Boyer from Austin wrote on March 21, 2022
My father, SSgt LeRoy Boyer, was stationed at Sembach AFB, from 1959 to 1962. He was stationed at Orlando AFB when he received orders assigning him to HQ 587th TMG. He was a 31450G Missile Launch Equipment Repairman, assigned to the 587th Missile Maintenance Squadron. He also held the following positions: Control Systems Mechanic, Control Systems Team Chief and Crew Chief Controls Section, Missile Maintenance Branch. He was also a member of the 587th MMS, Volleyball team.