Electrocution in the Blockhouse

In an email from Lee Kyser (887th TMS):


Russ, there was a crew chief at B Flight, SSgt William Rowe, who was “electrocuted” in the blockhouse, but revived by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by the launch officer. The LOs name might have been “Thoeni” (pronounced “Thaney”), or something like that. Do you recall ever hearing about that? Bill Rowe lived in Santa Maria, CA after retiring. He passed away about four or five years, ago.

2nd email I received from Lee Kyser (887th TMS):
SSgt Bill Rowe was messing around in the back of the TV. Apparently, the high voltage nailed him and he stopped breathing. I think Rowe rotated in March 1964, only a month after you arrived. Also, the event occurred in 1963, I believe. So, the furor of it had died down by the time you were in the blockhouse.

I just received confirmation that the LO who resuscitated Rowe was Capt Thoeni. I’ll see if I can get in touch with him.