Mace Launch #1

Martin Mace (designated as TM-76 tactical missile until 1963, then as MGM-13 for mobile-launched and CGM-13 for container-launched versions) was a tactical surface-to-surface missile developed from the MGM-1 Matador. Development began in 1954 with first launch in 1956. Mace was launched from a mobile trailer or a hardened bunker using a solid fuel booster rocket for initial acceleration and an Allison J33-A-41 turbojet for flight. Deployment began in 1959 with the missile remaining in service until the early 1970s. Some missiles were used as target drones because their size and performance resembled aircraft.

The hard site launched Mace shown in the video was the TM-76B (CGM-13B) and was inertially guided: The guidance system described in the video, which didn’t work over the ocean, was ATRAN (Automatic Terrain Navigation and Recognition) used on the TM-76A (MGM-13A) that was launched from a mobile translauncher. Two different missiles… (Ooops! Apples and oranges!)