587th TMG (1960) – Photo Inquiry

Brenda Falconer Harris, the daughter of Capt. James E. Falconer is trying to identify / locate people shown in a 1960 photo of what appears to be the 587th Missile Maintenance Squadron. If you can help, please contact her.  Thanks!

March 2016

My father, James E. Falconer, was at Sembach in 1960. Were you in this group?

Captain James E. Falconer, USAF
Officer in charge of Armament Section,
587th Missile Maintenance Squadron,
587th Tactical Missile Group,
38th Tactical Missile Wing,
Sembach Air Base, Germany 1960.

I have a picture of the Squadron with a missile (?) TM-76A MACE with the above information on it. I’m trying to locate others in the picture.

Thank you,
Brenda Falconer Harris


Sembach Air Base

  • 38th Tactical Missile Wing
    • 587th Tactical Missile Group

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587th TMG

587th TMG