About Us

Sembach Missileers

Sembach Missileers is an informal group of people that were associated with the Mace Missile (TM-76A / MGM-13A) program at Sembach AB, Germany, and that were members of the 38th Tactical Missile Wing (1959-1966).  It is not a formal organization. There are no officers, dues, membership list nor social/recreational activities.  If you were associated with the Mace Missile program at Sembach, you are a “Sembach Missileer.”

Our goals are:

  • To document (via the website) the names, photos and assignments of individuals involved with the Mace program at Sembach Air Base.
  • To reconnect friends and colleagues from long ago.
  • To generate interest in the TAC Missileers Association and its reunions.

www.sembachmissileers.org is owned and maintained by Walt “Russ” Reston, a former member of Crew #2-15, 823rd TAC Missile Squadron.

Every effort is made to respect each individual’s wishes.  If you do not wish your name/information to be displayed on the website, or your contact information to be shared with other Sembach Missileers, please contact Russ Reston.
The names of Sembach Missileers that can be found on the website, have typically come from USAF Special Orders or from other Sembach Missileers.  Where possible, a potential mailing address has been identified by searching the Internet, and a letter was sent to the individual inquiring if he served at Sembach.


This website is not sponsored or endorsed by the United States Air Force.  All views and opinions expressed are those of the author and/or website owner.