A GI’s Germany (Volume #2)

A GI's Germany (Volume #2)

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A GI’s Germany #2 – Side #1 A GI’s Germany #2 – Side #2

(from pages included inside the album)

INTRODUCTION:Here are the, you-are-there sounds of Bahnhof, Bierhalle, Autobahn and FTX.
Here are the explosions of Grafenwoehr, the pealing of Germany’s bells, the voices of a thousand Mitsingers, and the lonely crunch of your combat boots in the German snow.Here, too, is your favorite German music. Here are the yodelers, singers, zither players, and the big Bierhalle brass bands. And on Side Two, in walloping Compatible Stereo (plays on any player), the Hofbrauhaus Chorus and the Platz’l Musikanten Band present the songs of Germany you’ll want to remember (Lili Marlene, 0 Du Wunderschoner Deutsche Rheine, Bier Her, In Muenchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus, etc.). Words and translation of each song are included in the album text.CONTENTS:SIDE ONE:
BAND ONEMusic introduction (Lili Marlene), train pass, aboard train sounds, Bahnhof sounds & voices, sounds of German traffic, sidewalk sounds.
Fountain, church bells, construction sounds, sightseeing bus tour, German parade, open air concert. GI bar sounds, inside a German movie theater, Bavarian zither music, Bavarian yodeler song (“Wenn im Gastnaus zur alten Post. . . .”).
German Bierhall sounds and music (includes “Solang der Alte Peter”), late night street sounds.
Military training sequence of sounds of jet sonic boom, flyover, rifle range firing, physical training, grenade throwing, rocket-launcher firing, aboard self-propelled mortar, review parade, alert bells and sounds of men, tanks and aircraft responding, sounds of firing demonstrations and exercises, sound from the back of deuce-and-a-half, German rain on steel helmet, sounds of combat boots in snow, troops marching in the field.

In Compatible Stereo (Plays stereo on stereo player, monaural on monaural player) the music of the Platz’l Musikanten Band and the Hofbrauhaus Chorus.



BAND THREE: Montage of German bells from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Garmisch, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, etc. (3:27)



Album text written by BILL CHURCHILL & GEORGE CASEY
Recorded and edited by GEORGE CASEY
Sound engineering by STU PLUMMER
Album cartoons by DENNIS RENAULT
Cover design consultant, DON FIGGE
Special assistance, EDITH CASEY


Appearing on Side One:
SOLANG DER ALTE PETER (As Long as “Old Peter”) Solang de alte Peter, As long as “Old Peter”, Der Petersdom noch steht; The Peters Dome still stands; Solang die grune Isar As long as the green Isar Durch’s Munchner Stadt noch fliesst; Flows through the town of Munich; Solang da drunt’ am Platz’l As long as in the square, Noch steht das Hofbrauhaus, The Hofbrauhaus is still standing, Solang stirbt die Gemutlichkeit  So long will the Gemutlichkeit  Beim Munchner niemals aus. Of the people of Munich remain.

Appearing on Side Two:
BIERTRINKER-MARSCH (Beer Drinker March) Bier her. Bier her, oder ich fall’ um, Beer over here! Beer over here! Or I’ll pass out, (repeat) Soil das Bier im Keller liegen Should the beer stay in the cellar Und ich hier die Ohnmacht kriegen? And I suffer up here? (repeat chorus)
IN MUNCHEN STEHT EIN HOFBRAUHAUS (In Munich Stands the Hofbrauhaus) In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus In Munich stands a Hofbrauhaus, Eins, zwei, g’suffa! One, two, drink! Da lauft so manches Fasschen aus, There, so many barrels run dry, Eins, zwei, g’suffa! One, two, drink! Da hat schon mancher brave Mann, There, many a brave man has shown, Eins, zwei, g’suffa! One, two, drink! Gezeigh, was er so verlragen kann! What he can guzzle down! Schon fruh am Morgen fing er an, Early in the morning, lie begins, Und spat am Aben^i kam er heraus. And late at night, he leaves. So schon ist’s im Hofbrauhaus’ That’s how nice it is in the Hofbrauhaus! Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit, A toast, a toast to Gemutlichkeit, Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit! A toast, a toast to Gemutlichkeit!
DER TREUE HUSAR (The Loyal Cavalryman) Es war einmal ein treuer Husar, Once there was a loyal cavalryman. Der liebt’ sein Madel ein ganzes Jahr; He loved his girl an entire year; Ein ganzes Jahr und noch vie! mehr,  An entire year, and much longer yet, Die Liebe nahm kein Ende mehr. The love never ended.
0 DU WUNDERSCHONER DEUTSCHER RHEIN (Oh You Wondrous German Rhine) 0 du wunderschoner deutscher Rhein, Oh you wondrous German Rhine, Du sollst ewig Deutschlands Zierde sein. You shall always be Germany’s pride.
DU, DU LIEGST MIR IM HERZEN (You, You Are in My Heart) Du, du liegst mir im Herzen, You, you are in my heart,  Du, du liegst mir im Sinn; You, you are in my mind; Du, du machst mir viel Schmerzen, You, you cause me much sorrow, Weisst nicht, wie gut ich dir bin, You don’t know how good 1 am to you. Ja, ]’a, ja, ja, weisst nicht, wie gut ich dir bin! Yes, yes, yes, yes, you don’t know how good I am to you. 0 du wunderschoner deutscher Rhein. Oh you wondrous German Rhine, Du sollst ewig Deutschlands Zierde sein. You shall always be Germany’s pride.
LILI MARLENE Vor der Kaserne, In front of the Kaserne, Vor dem grossen Tor, Before the main gate, Stand eine Laterne, Stands a lantern, Und steht sie noch davor, And if it stands there yet, So wolin wir da uns wiedersehn, That’s where we shall meet, Bei der Laterne wolin wir stehn, At the lantern we shall stand, Wie einst Lili Marlene, As Lili Marlene once did, Wie einst Lili Marlene. As Lili Marlene once did.