1959/60 Photos from John Mulac

December 19, 2010
From: John Mulac
Subject: My stint at Sembach 1959-1960

Please add the enclosed photos to the 587MMS tab as I don’t see any others from my unit. I spent 13 months at the base, setting up the AANC Maintenance section on the flightline. We never had a chance to see any of the other sites that were eventually set up, however we really enjoyed our experiences at Sembach. My wife Trudy joined me shortly after I arrived and we rented an apartment in Mehlingen. It was sure beautiful country there and we made sure that we explored the countryside as well as taking a Rhine River boat tour, visiting Martin Luther’s church at Worms and also visited other people we graduated with from high school in K-town as they were stationed there with the Army. What a small world! We will always treasure our memories there and hope that others that see these pictures will remember too! I will try to send more pics later –
A1C John R. and wife Trudy Mulac – Keep up the good work on your website…

John Mulac

(The 587th MMS  was redesignated  as the 38th MMS on 25 September 1962. Photos have been added to the 38th MMS albums. – Russ)

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