Sembach Kaserne

Wikipedia – Sembach Kaserne

Effective 1 Oct 2010, the Air Force handed over control of Sembach Annex to the US Army, who then renamed the site Sembach Kaserne. Sembach Kaserne is part of what is called the Kaiserslautern Military Community [KMC]. It is used for housing American Army military personnel. As of 2007, The housing developments and dormitories are declared condemned by the Air Force and are not currently occupied by any Air Force personnel; however, the US Army continues to house soldiers in the dormitory complexes. The facility has a commissary, elementary/middle school, fire station, four baseball/softball fields and a football field. During the Cold War, (1950–1993) Sembach Air Base housed a variety of USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, Close-Air Support and Tactical Air Control units as a front line NATO air base.

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