The Guys That Kept Us Safe

We owe many thanks to to our Air Police colleagues that kept the missile sites safe, through heat and cold; sun, rain and snow… Here is a photo of some of them.

(contributed by Julian “Bud” Fellers, 587th MMS, B-Flight)


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Sembach Security Police
Sembach Security Police


Left to Right

  • A3C John T. Vonlley with Prinz
  • A2C Henry C. Ruff with Held
  • A2C James M. Raum with Fant (hidden)
  • A3C Frank H. Poole Jr. with Lux (hidden)
  • A2C Fletcher Lewis with Armin
  • A3C Jerry W. Stearns with Ergo
  • A3C James Populean with Muck