Werhan Receives Certificate

How many people took advantage of University of Maryland classes?


Here’s an article from the Sembach Missileer
Friday, March 27, 1964


Captain Werhan Receives Certificate of Scholarship

Capt. Clyde H. Werhan, a missile combat crew commander with the 823rd TM Sq., was a recent recipient of a Certificate of Scholarship from the University of Maryland.

The captain was cited for outstanding scholarship while completing over 15 credit hours. He maintained a 3.80 average (A-) during this period and has been placed on the academic honor roll for the first term of 1963-64.

The 31 year old missileman has received credit for German 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Industrial Management, Speech and American History while at this base,

Operation Bootstrap

Captain Werhan plans to complete his education under the Air Force Bootstrap program.  He has acquired over 100 semester hours to date with his scholastic goal being a degree in Education.

Before entering the service in 1953, he attended Pensacola Junior College for two years and Florida State University for one year.

Commenting on the education opportunities available to service personnel, the captain said, “Military personnel are missing the chance of a lifetime by not enrolling with the University of Maryland.  This is especially true of launch crew personnel because they have plenty of time to study while on duty.”