Actor on Stage Every Day

Sembach Missileer
Friday, March 27, 1964

Guest Editorial by Col. Roger W. Page, Base Commander

You Must Impress German Audience

Roger W. PageEvery American man, woman and child here in Germany is an actor who is on stage every day.

You have been performing to the same audience for over 20 years.

The curtain in this play goes up daily, 365 days a year. As actors in this demanding play, your every move is observed.

The audience consists of your German neighbors.

How well do you play your role? Very much depends on your individual performance. You and the United States will be judged by the way you remember your lines.

Your key words, when you are before your audience, are friendliness, politeness, and understanding. If you remember that good manners are international and show a willingness to get along with your German audience, you will be doing your share towards promoting goodwill between your country and theirs.

Germany has its own customs and traditions, and good manners require that you and I respect them. If you are puzzled or do not understand some of the local ways, make an effort to find out why they are practiced.

You may checkout a book from the base library on local customs and traditions, or better still, make a sincere effort to meet a German Family. You may be surprised to find that your new friends can clear up many of your questions.