The Original “C Flight”

The original “C Flight” was the third increment of the first Mace squadron (822nd TMS) to be deployed to Sembach AB. With little help from 38th TMW, “C Flight” converted a former radio listening site into Site III – Grünstadt (“The Hill”).

Here’s a picture of the original “C Flight,” taken in Orlando in June 1959. With help from “C Flight” alumni Fred Horky, John Stewart, Bob Bolton and Lee Kyser, we’ve been able to identify some of the people in the photo. If you can identify others, please send an email to Russ Reston.

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C-Flight (photo courtesy of Fred Horky

  1. 1st Lt. Frederick “Fred” Horky – Indian Trail, North Carolina
  2. SSgt. Paul Vuxta – deceased
  3. Sgt. Ersel V. Crussel
  4. A2C Darrel Metzker – Winlock, Washington
  5. A2C Michael E. Osiel – deceased
  6. TSgt. Jerome J. Molik – deceased
  7. SSgt. John Lovell
  8. A2C Carrol M. “Danny” Daniel – Centertown, Kentucky
  9. SSgt. Charles L. “Chuck” Chappell – Mesa, Arizona
  10. A2C Joseph M. Romans
  11. Capt. Eugene Wrenn – deceased
  12. A1C Nealy
  13. SSgt. Elias R. Salas
  14. ? TSgt. Jim Crittendon – Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
  15. TSgt. Farnsworth
  16. SSgt. Kenneth H. Niblick
  17. McCraw
  18. A2C Glenn Chamblin Jr. – Katy, Texas
  19. A1C Downing
  20. 1st Lt. George Burker
  21. A2C Tom Daugherty
  22. Brice
  23. A2C Davey
  24. Underwood
  25. A1C Ronald Butler
  26. TSgt. Jerome Molik – deceased
  27. A2C Casteel
  28. MSgt. Mack Savage
  29. Capt. Samalik
  30. 1st Lt. Scott T. “Scotty” Chandler – deceased
  31. A1C Edwin M. Bell
  32. TSgt. James E. “Jim” Hannah
  33. A2C Tom Bowers – deceased
  34. SSgt. John Stewart – Santa Maria, California
  35. Harner
  36. Saunders
  37. Reynolds
  38. A2C Peter Driscoll
  39. Capt. Richard S. “Dick” Becker – C Flight Commander – Oldsmar, Florida
  40. Capt. Diedrich Prigge III – B Flight Commander
  41. SSgt. Patterson
  42. A1C Joseph “Joe” Geldbaugh – Newalla, Oklahoma
  43. A2C Frank D. “Andy” Anderson
  44. SSgt. Vance K. Tibbetts – deceased
  45. A1C Rus
  46. A1C Donald R. Hess
  47. TSgt. Clarence “Smitty” Smith
  48. A/1C Robert “Bob” Rafferty – deceased
  49. A2C Robert “Der Bop” Lambert


And here are a couple pictures from the C Flight 1959 Christmas Party, after deployment to Germany (note the “P”-logo Parkbrau steins).

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“All the usual suspects” — Seated at left, is Cousins. Standing fourth from left is Tibbets and fifth from left is Burton; Rafferty is next to him (second from right)



Burton, Atchinson, Hightower (photo courtesy of Fred Horky)
Burton, Atchinson, Hightower