Darrell Bryant’s Photos (38th MMS)

I recently received the following email and photos from Dave Bryant (son of Darrell Bryant, 38th MMS). If you can identify the people in the photos, please send me an email.


Sept. 15, 2010

I found your link on the Sembach Missileers website after getting a phone call from Jim Meier. Jim and my dad Darrell Bryant were friends back then and he somehow got a hold of my phone number and was asking for my dad. He passed away on February 6, 2010 so it was a startling phone call to say the least. We spoke for some time and he told me about the reunion and the website for the 38th Sembach Missileers and told me that he had posted some photos of my dad on there. My family didn’t know of hardly any photos of him in Germany so we were very excited to find them. They now mean a great deal to my mom. Anyhow, last week we found my dad’s old footlocker and found some photos that no one had ever seen. None of them are labeled but I thought if they got posted on the website surely someone would recognize them and it might mean a lot to those men or their families. If you could post these photos or tell me where to go to post them I would be happy to do it. I am very thankful we found some of these memories of my dad and I know he would have definitely would have come to the reunion if he were still here. He spoke fondly of his time in the Airforce and Germany.

Dave Bryant

Sept. 22, 2010
(The following info was received from Jim Meier.)

Russ, Thank you for the sending me the e-mail and photos from Dave Bryant. I know all the guys in the photos except one.

  • Photo #1 Left-Right David Newsham & Howard Lembke (I think)
  • Photo #2 Rick Allen
  • Photo #3 Left-Right Bob Pirwitz & Brian Williams
  • Photo #4 L-R Rick Allen, Jim Meier, Ron Salerno, Darrell Bryant, Bill Watkins
  • Photo #5 Dave Newsham’s friend(I think they co-owned the “55 Chevy in the picture)
  • Photo #6 Charles”Big T” Torrence

All the photos are in Germany except #4, which was at Lowry AFB, Colorado

Jim Meier

Click on image(s) to enlarge.

David Newsham & Howard Lembke (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
David Newsham & Howard Lembke – Sembach AB
Rick Allen (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Rick Allen – Sembach AB
Bob Pirwitz & Brian Williams (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Bob Pirwitz & Brian Williams
Rick Allen, Jim Meier, Ron Salerno, Darrell Bryant, Bill Watkins (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Rick Allen, Jim Meier, Ron Salerno, Darrell Bryant & Bill Watkins – Lowry AFB
Jim "Dutch" Dutcher & Dave Newsham's '55 Chevy (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Jim “Dutch” Dutcher & Dave Newsham’s ’55 Chevy (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Charles"Big T" Torrence (photo courtesy of Dave Bryant)
Charles”Big T” Torrence – Sembach AB