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Randy Boyer from Austin wrote on March 21, 2022
My father, SSgt LeRoy Boyer, was stationed at Sembach AFB, from 1959 to 1962. He was stationed at Orlando AFB when he received orders assigning him to HQ 587th TMG. He was a 31450G Missile Launch Equipment Repairman, assigned to the 587th Missile Maintenance Squadron. He also held the following positions: Control Systems Mechanic, Control Systems Team Chief and Crew Chief Controls Section, Missile Maintenance Branch. He was also a member of the 587th MMS, Volleyball team.
Ron Sharp from Terlton Oklahoma wrote on December 24, 2021
Just ran across this site. I was stationed at Sembach AFB from 1956 to 1959. 1234th AACS squadron. Seeing this site brings back a lot of great memories. "Sembatch Airpatch" will always hold a special place in my heart.
Al Siscan from Cessnock, Australia wrote on December 7, 2021
What a commendable job you guys have done!
A great informative and entertaining website - brilliant job. Thanks for keeping such an important but little known and underappreciated piece of history alive. and a homage to all those who served.

Well Done, please keep up the good work.

Kindest regards,
Al Siscan
Thomas Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on October 10, 2021
Bill Berks - I served with Tim Horner. I have a picture of our K-9 flight. There was eight of us not counting the Flight Sgt.. I was there from Aug. of 64 to Aug. of 66' My dogs name was Cay.
Thomas Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on October 7, 2021
I was with the 38APS -K-9 Section' From Aug of 64 until Aug of 66' I was on the same flight as Tim Horner. I have a picture of the flight.
Ralph Fox from S t u a r t florida wrote on June 8, 2021
I am trying to get in contact with anyone who was stationed with me in the 603 material squadron and worked in vehicle maintenance in 1967 when we used agent orange as cleaning fluids in our shop
bill berks from Blackwood NJ wrote on April 26, 2021
Responding to Tim Horner, Springville NY on his post dtd 9 June 2018.
Tim I was with the 585th Support Squadron K-9 Unit coming from Bitburg AB in June 1962 until March 1964 assigned to the 38th Tactical Missile Wing.

We provided security with the K-9s around the Missile Pads (Mace Missiles)
There was 9 of us in the Unit and we had the end room top floor across from the NCO Club.
Saw Brenda Lee, Sam Cooke and Tex Ritter at the club. Great memories there.
Way Into Adventures (YouTube Channel) from Winnweiler wrote on April 6, 2021
Hello everyone! Our mom is now stationed at Sembach but it is only a small piece of what the base was before. We made a YouTube video of the abandoned areas if you want to see it. It's still a great base and nice place to live. By the way, we found a crumpled up piece of black painted aluminum near the end of the runway. It had rivet holes and might have been from an airplane that crashed here. Do you guys have any idea what it might be from?

Thank you,
Ronan and Connor
P.S. if you want to see our video just search for Way Into Adventures and it was about a year ago. We think you'll like it.
Raymond Engelhardt from Lincoln, Ca wrote on February 23, 2021
I arrived to Sembach A.B. in April 1963 and after a month or so was assigned to Grunstadt Site (C Site). I work at the site for three and half years, extending my tour to assist in closing the site down in September 1966. My duties were to maintain the Missile ground support equipment that kept the missile ready to and if needed to launch. I shall never forget when Kennedy was assassinated in was night in Germany and all our launch equipment was started and ready to launch all missiles. I was thinking I hope those Army boys over on the Nike site couple of miles away are ready to shoot down anything coming our way if we started pushing buttons, if not, were history.
Carolyn S Manwaring from Pleasant Grove wrote on December 27, 2020
My father, Lt. Col. Harold M. Hegyessy, was stationed on Sembach AFB from 1959 to 1962, and commanded 3 missile pads. That was where he took me to learn how to drive. Embarrassing! The guys at the sites would sit on the wall and whistle, yell, and "comment", and watch me drive.
I am especially grateful for the great servicemen and women who served there and did their jobs during "red alert", making us feel safe. Thanks!
Bill Schneider from Sebring, Florida wrote on October 5, 2020
I was assigned to the Aircraft Crash rescue in Sembach during 1963 - after DOD โ€œCaught onโ€ to us and closed RAF Bovingdon, England. The winter I was at Sembach, the City of Rockenhausen reservoir froze and we hauled water to the town.

I was driving the last tanker when the Burgermeister invited me and my crew to his home for dinner.

After a wonderful home cooked meal, the Burgermeister dug out of his wallet a letter from a US Army Captain who was commanding a POW camp housing German prisoners after WWII. The letter stated that the Burgermeister was a model prisoner and should be afforded every consideration.

THEN the Burgermeister dug a little deeper and produced a prized possession - an AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF ELVIS!

Later Rockenhausen held a โ€œfiremans Ballโ€ for us at the beautiful wood carved meeting hall.
Jim Dutcher (Dutch from Pleasanton wrote on October 3, 2020
Thank you, Fred. Please, please keep your stories coming. Brilliant photography, writing and story line.
Edward Nangle Jr from Manheim, PA 17545 wrote on October 3, 2020
Thanks to Fred Horky for his article and pictures of the moving Mace Missile to its site at launch pads. I was in Flight "A" at Sembach and was aware of your story about Flight "C" since many of my buddies from Orlando were assigned to Flight "C". Really brings back some good memories.
James J Harris from Warner Robins wrote on September 17, 2020
First off, the way that I knew Chief Cazel was through the Aero Club at Clark AB Philippines. I was going through some old documents and found my Pilot Flight Record from 1972. I was stationed with 13th Air Force straight out of 7th Air Force Headquarters in Tan Son Nhut AB Siagon RVN. Chief Cazel was my instructor the day I soloed in a Cesena 150. He was a lot cooler than I was that day. I had no idea I was going to solo that day. He took me up and we did a couple of landings. After the second landing he asked for my ticket and told me to do five takeoff's and landings and got out of the plane. On final on the first landing the stall horn came on. I landed safely and Chief Cazel came over and told me "You might want to give it a little more throttle on the next ones." I successfully did four more and he signed me off. Good times. I have never forgotten his name after all these years (26 Nov 1972 solo date)
James J Harris, MSgt USAF Retired
Robert Maltz, M.D. wrote on August 19, 2020
I was a captain and doctor in the Air Force stationed at Sembach AFB from Aug.1963 until June, 1965. My assignment was Chief of the Hospital Clinic. I saw military patients in the morning and dependent patients in the afternoon. I also took care of the pregnant wives until their third trimester when their care and delivery was done at Landstuhl (sp?)Army hospital. I also played on the base softball team. It was a great experience and gave me a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for all of the servicemen and women who serve honorably and bravely to protect our freedoms. I would like to hear from anyone who worked at the hospital, or may have seen me as a patient. My email is maltz@cinci.rr.com.
Duane Gilbert wrote on November 18, 2019
My father SSgt. Manley V. Gilbert was stationed here. He was part of a missile crew. Not sure of the exact dates. I was born while he was there in 1963 and I believe we came back to the States in 1966. I have his missile badge with a star above the missile and his 38th Tactical Missile Wing patch. We lived a village called Sipersfeild.
Hugo Briseno from Navarre, Fla wrote on October 5, 2019
It was around 1970, when the 433 Civil Engineering Unit at Kelly AFB, Texas was given orders to active duty to go to SemBach AFB.

We were given orders to build a maintenance shed for snow plows and other winter equipment in two weeks. first was the concrete floors, steel frame walls and roofs.

We were not the only Reserve unit to assist, there were other units which did the inside electrical units.

Now at 75 yrs of age I am reminiscing of the 23 yrs in the USAF Reserves and active duty during the seizure of the Pueblo.

Proud to have served. In civilian life I retired as a Federal Criminal Investigator after 20 yrs . After retirement they called me back to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to Instruct in Immigration Law and Spanish Language. CAPTCHA
david stiehl from galveston tx wrote on September 15, 2019
looking to contact beetle bailey and james witt
Joel Grossman from Naples wrote on August 27, 2019
Hi. One of the men in the photo for the 38th Missile Maintenance squadron 1962 gave me this photo (as seen on this site) was one of our clients. Is it possible to be emailed a decent quality file of this photo so I can have it enlarged and printed? It would just be for our wall? If not, asking permission to just scan the one I have and do it send it to a printer that way. Thanks very much and love the site.
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
I have no idea which photo you are referring to? Can you send me a copy of the photo or tell where it appears on the website?

Russ Reston


Sorry, I don't have a high-res version of the photo. I will email you a copy of what I have. You can use the photo with photo credit to Harold (Art) Jones.

Jim Dutcher (Dutch) from Pleasanton wrote on June 28, 2019
I was stationed at Sembach, 38th MMS, March 1963 - November 1966, and it shaped my AF career. I had both Guidance and Flight Controls AFSCs, worked initially on the Flight Line, then A Flight and B Flight as the Expediter. Finally assigned to Shane Comb's crew for Site Maintenance (C Flight), then other crews working all three sites. Most of my site maintenance time was at Grรผnstadt. Pulled the missiles down when they were deactivated and was reassigned to Lowry as a B Bird instructor before being commissioned and sent to flight training.

Sembach was a fantastic assignment with some of the finest Officers, NCOs and Airmen. Truly, it was my privilege to have served with them.
Bruce Neumann from Waynesboro PA wrote on May 3, 2019
My dad was assigned to Sembach in March 1961, our family arrived in May of 61, no housing was available so we lived on the economy in Rockenhausen, until housing opened at Vogelweh in Sept. We lived there for a year then moved to Sembach housing, Building 24 A-3. Neighbor s were Tillotson in A5, Lt. Col P G Smith in A6, and Gilbreath in A4. I went to 4th grade in the basement of the blue green build just before the officer' housing loop, Mrs. Senn was my teacher, 5th Grade was a yellow building (88,89?) down by the old commissary, Mr. Hull , a Canadian, was my teacher. What I remember about his classes, is that after lunch he would talk us outside and read a chapter of a semi classic to us.
Michael Tompkins from Waterloo wrote on May 2, 2019
I spent 18 wonderful months at Sembach from December 1965 to June 1966 with the 38 Air Police Squadron.
Lee Kyser from Lompoc wrote on April 13, 2019
Update the obituary to include Trevis Moss of Santa Maria Ca. He was at Sembach in the early 60s
Albert C Wendling Jr from Framingham Ma wrote on January 18, 2019
Al Wendling Jan 18 2019:
I arrived at Sembach Feb 1957 returned to the Z.I.
Mar 1960. Grd radio operator 66 TRW and 7127th Conm
Sq. One cold base in the winter. Wind blew all over the
base. One great football field.
Robert Maltz, M.D. from Cincinnati, Ohio wrote on December 24, 2018
I was stationed at Sembach from July, 1963 until July, 1965 as a physician at the hospital. I was chief of the hospital clinic. I lived in an apartment in Winweiler with my wife and child. We had a great 2 years and have fond memories of my fellow physicians, Bill Tedesco and Jack Oโ€™Halloran, as well as the medics and nurses with whom I worked. I also played shortstop on the base softball team. Our hospital commander was Major Stagg (he made light colonel in 1964). If anyone out there knew me please email me. Officially I was Captain Maltz but practically I was, and still am,
Dr. Maltz. I am proud to have taken care of all the terrific airmen and officers who were serving our country so honorably.