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173 entries.
Michael Tompkins from Waterloo wrote on May 2, 2019
I spent 18 wonderful months at Sembach from December 1965 to June 1966 with the 38 Air Police Squadron.
Lee Kyser from Lompoc wrote on April 13, 2019
Update the obituary to include Trevis Moss of Santa Maria Ca. He was at Sembach in the early 60s
Albert C Wendling Jr from Framingham Ma wrote on January 18, 2019
Al Wendling Jan 18 2019:
I arrived at Sembach Feb 1957 returned to the Z.I.
Mar 1960. Grd radio operator 66 TRW and 7127th Conm
Sq. One cold base in the winter. Wind blew all over the
base. One great football field.
Robert Maltz, M.D. from Cincinnati, Ohio wrote on December 24, 2018
I was stationed at Sembach from July, 1963 until July, 1965 as a physician at the hospital. I was chief of the hospital clinic. I lived in an apartment in Winweiler with my wife and child. We had a great 2 years and have fond memories of my fellow physicians, Bill Tedesco and Jack Oโ€™Halloran, as well as the medics and nurses with whom I worked. I also played shortstop on the base softball team. Our hospital commander was Major Stagg (he made light colonel in 1964). If anyone out there knew me please email me. Officially I was Captain Maltz but practically I was, and still am,
Dr. Maltz. I am proud to have taken care of all the terrific airmen and officers who were serving our country so honorably.
Chris Roth from Adamsville,Alabama wrote on December 8, 2018
I lived at Sembach from 1961 to 1966. My father was stationed there. I had the best time of of my life at Sembach. Does anybody remember Paul Roth.
Henry Wright from Sand Springs wrote on November 10, 2018
Sorry for typo. I arrived Sembach 20 Jun 1956.
Henry Wright from Sand Springs wrote on November 4, 2018
Came across this site accidently today and memories flood my mind. Was with original 11TMS from Orlando Fla arriving 20 Jun 1955, departed June 1960. Maj Paul Ireland was Sq Commander. I worked in Personnel. Enjoyed 4 years at Sembach, married a local Fraulein and we recently celebrated 60th wedding anniversary. Retired Sep 75 at Little Rock AFB. MSgt, USAF, Retired
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
Paul Ireland was still at Sembach when I arrived there in Jan. 1964. At that time he was a Lt. Col. and the commander of the 887th TMS at Grunstadt (aka Site III). https://www.sembachmissileers.org/units-2/887th-tms/?hilite=%27ireland%27

Larry Lechner from Temple City,CA wrote on October 6, 2018
I was at Sembach 1961-1964 clerking at B flight/823TMS. Those days were some of the best of my life, a European Grand Tour at Govt expense! I can still see all those youthful faces in the names I read on the Roll call and Honor rolls. Much has happened to us all in these past 50+ years but I see, from other entries in the Guest Book, that many of us share the same happy memories of our time there.( I look at my old room window in the panorama view of the base!)
Robert Love from Charleston, WV wrote on September 23, 2018
Served at Sembach AFB with the 38th Air Police from 1957-1959 and loved every minute of it!!!
wish i could do it all ever again...served with some of the best guys Ive ever known...worked security and part of that time in K-9...
John โ€œjackโ€ Moore from Chesterfield Twp MI. wrote on September 18, 2018
Was at APO130 1962 to 1965 Sembach assigned to B Site near Enkenbach as a 314xx on Launch Crew with Capt Thoeni, S/Sgt Rowe NCOIC and Airman Baker the Nuke weapons tech on our launch crew. Great time with great guys, and the Bishop Brau was the greatest. Wish it could be done all over again.
Jerrey Krzmarzick from Canby wrote on September 16, 2018
I was stationed there from Sept 1963 to Dec. 1965. Was a flight Engineer on the H-19 helicopters. Loved the whole experience. My wife and I still talk about the base.
Edward T Nangle Jr from Lititz wrote on August 31, 2018
I noticed an old post from William Bill Hegyessy concerning his Father Lt. Col. Harold Hegyessy at Sembach 1959-1962.
He was my Squadron Commander from 1959-1960 at 822nd TMS.
Edward T Nangle Jr from Lititz Pa wrote on August 26, 2018
I was shocked to see Special Order A24, where I was assigned to the Tac TM-76 Mace Missile Standardization Board. I did not know of this Sembach Missileers Reunion or the membership in this group. I was stationed in Sembach AFB 1958-1960. Flight A 822nd Tactical Missile Squadron. I was transferred from Orlando AFB to Sembach after live launches of the TM-76 Mace in Alamagordo AFB New Mexico.
JAMES(JK) ISAACS from ARREY,NEW MEXICO wrote on July 3, 2018
Ernest R Hansford from Mt. Juliet TN wrote on June 16, 2018
I was in the 38th MMS from 1964 to 1966.
I was responsible for guidance systems.
That was where I grew up.
Bob Pinkerton from Ogdensburg New York wrote on June 12, 2018
served in Sembach (38TMW) 1961-63 data services support
Tim Horner from Springville, NY wrote on June 9, 2018
Stationed at Sembach from Jan 63 to Jan 66 with the 38th Air Police k-9. Some of the best memories in my life.
Michael Kline from Knoxville wrote on May 29, 2018
So happy to find this website. 2134th Communications Squadron 86 to 88. The best two years of my life. The photo's bring back so many great memories. They had just finished the first barrack remodeling when I left for Homestead AFB.

Thank You to all who contributed to create this website!
Heinz Weissmann from Pattaya wrote on May 21, 2018
I worked as a Technical German civilian from 1956 till 1961 at the Base Communication Center.
Great Time for me.
David Kingman MSGT USAF (Retired) from Shalimar FL wrote on May 8, 2018
Sembach AB was my duty station 1959 - 1961. I worked on Mace mobile support equipment mounted on MM-1 Terracruzer trucks. Enjoyed flying model planes with the Sembach Interceptors club. Lived in the barracks before moving off base to Otterberg and Baalborn. Many happy memories.
Fred Mingle from Decatur wrote on May 5, 2018
Fred Mingle stationed at sembach air base, Germany from 1953 until 1956 as a air policeman. I loved the time I was there.
Jeff Fower from Tacoma wrote on January 31, 2018
I was at Wiesbaden AB in '75 when the word came down that the Air Force and Army were switching bases and my outfit the 601st TACC Squadron was heading south. It was like going from nice city life to the middle of a wheat field. Wasn't all bad but a little too remote considering I didn't have a car. Fond memories of Operation Reforger sleeping in tents and a shower once in awhile. Celebrated the Fourth of July Bicentenial there..lots of beer and football. Left some good buddies behind when I left in early '77. Nice website...
Burton Lasater from Diamondhead Mississippi wrote on January 10, 2018
Just a up date I just turned 88 today 10 Jan 2018. Sembach was a baner time for me wish I could do it all over again.
David Greene from Portland, Oregon wrote on September 29, 2017
I was lucky enough to be stationed at Sembach from 85 to 87. Turns out it was the most content period of my 20's. I should have enjoyed it more! I was the supply clerk embedded in the maintenance squadron for the CH-53 helicopters. Supply did not know I was on base and Maintenance thought they did and left me alone. I had a 4 man room to myself in the Maintenance barracks for most the two years. As Supply did not know I was there I was assigned no base details and was left pretty much under cover. As I was leaving there was a lot of surprised faces asking "who are you" and "How long have you been here?". Of course I had to catch up on all the missed vaccinations!
Mike Bush from Winder GA wrote on April 18, 2017
My dad Evern "Gene" Bush was a member of the 38th TMW and I believe was at Sembach around 1957-1959 and probably before that time also. Also looking for a soldier who went by "Gino" sorry, I don't have a last name, who was there around that same time.