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Leonard D Rodwell from Conway South Carolina 29526 wrote on November 27, 2023
Any one around that played on the 1964 soft ball team that became the undisputed champions with in the German Sports Conference.
Thomas sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on June 30, 2023
Happy Fourth of July to all of you who served at Sembach.
John F. Miller from Sun City West wrote on May 12, 2023
I was reassigned from Wheelus AFB, Libya to Sembach AFB March 1965 to Sept. 1967 replacing Lt. Jerry Hooker and Joseph Montgomery who were killed in a light plane accident.

My supervisors at 38th TMW were Lt/col John J Legrand, Dir. of Personnel; Col Roswell W. Ard, Base commander and Col. Britt S. May, TMW Commander.

Worked with Lt. Jim Armitage, Herr Fritz Hackenburger, Msgt McClean and Kath ?., plus many other I don't remember.

A few of my memories are taking the base basketball team to East Berlin in January of 1966 and taking the base football team to Wheelus AFB, Libya to play there all-star team on Thanksgiving 1966 in two planes ; a c-54 and a c-47.

A few of the friends I hung around with Were: 1st Lt Steve Foote, 1st Lt Steve "Yogi" Behr, Captain Ward Noble, 2nd Lt. richard J. field and 1st Lt. ? Reed.

Many fond memories about Semback AFB remain with me.
Bob Perkins from Fort Collins, Colorado wrote on April 29, 2023
I like to visit the guess book every now and then, I always learn something new.
I was sent to Sembach in the summer of 1963.
I married while at Lowery AFB then on to Orlando AFB left my new bride and ended up assigned to Grunstadt. I was a new Guidance System Specialist. Assigned to fix the A birds. We (the fix'em crew members) were later dispatched from Sembach.
Wife later joined me and we stayed until 1965.
Loved the snowball fights with the AP's. Made lots of friends, many whom I saw again when I rotated to Montana to work on Air to Air missile systems. Aims, Gars etc.
Mustered out in May 1966 and spent a lifetime with "Big Blue" before retiring.
Oh, see the irony? All those Air Bases are now closed. But what memories, right Dutch?
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
Hi Bob, don't know if you are aware... TAC Missileers have a reunion scheduled in San Antonio, May 16, 17 & 18. Dutch is planning to attend, as well as at least a half dozen other Grunstadt guys. If you are interested in attending, and act quickly, we can add you (and spouse?) to the attendee list. Let me know ASAP if you are interested... Best Regards, Russ Reston russ@SembachMissileers.org See this URL for the Reunion info - https://tacmissileers.org/the-2023-farewell-reunion-is-a-go/
Steffen Eiser from Ingelheim wrote on April 14, 2023
first of all many thanks for this nice website with a lot of information and photos about the facilities near Sembach.

But there is one thing, that I can't find:

Next to the railway line Bad Kreuznach - Kaiserslautern near the station of Neuhemsbach / Hahnerhof, there was a railhead for serving the Sembach Airbase by rail.

Are there any information or pictures, plans etc. of this facility?

and in a map of around 1950:

Best regards
Daryl Hise from Coloraod Springs wrote on April 11, 2023
I loved Sembach AB. I was there in 1977-1979. 601 Combat Support Group. I worked in the Gym. I was a AIC, then SRA, then the add Sgt. TSgt Rogers Harris was the boss. I miss it, a lot.
Lessie A. Lewis from Tifton Georgia wrote on February 22, 2023
Really enjoy reading entries to the guest book. Wonderful moments of recollection and remembrances. I was with the 822nd TMS from 1962 to 1964. Launch crew 1-4 (Chargirl One).
Very memorable moments for me occurred during October of 1962 and November of 1963. Those of course were the dates of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President John Kennedy. Very tense days for all of us, particularly for those of us who were accompanied by dependents.
Heinz WEISSMANN from Sembach wrote on February 16, 2023
From 1955 till 1961 I worked as a Technical at the Base Communication Center.
I took care the Telephone System at the Command Post and all the Sites. Well known and a beautiful time.
Since 1990 I am leaving in Thailand.
Fred Ayers from Westlake wrote on January 29, 2023
Was stationed with 822nd launch crew in 59-62, Site A.
John Gulig from Silver Lake wrote on January 26, 2023
I was at Ramstein AB when this album (https://sembachmissileers.org/gi_germany_vol1/)was made working in the GCA unit. Brings back a lot of memories! Sembach was the approach control at that time, and we did a few trips back and forth socializing. Beer drinking as otherwise known! Great time of my life and my first real adventures. Still have many fond memories and can see it all as clear today as when I was living it. Thanks for sharing the album.
Thomas E Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on November 11, 2022
Happy Veterans Day to everyone
William C. Palmer from Evansville, In. wrote on October 20, 2022
Arrived Sembach Feb 65 Feb 68, 38th AP Sq. spent 8 months at Grunstadt.
Jim holler from Raleigh, nc wrote on August 27, 2022
To Randy Boyer
I was looking through the guest entryโ€™s and saw your entry about your father.
I was on the 587th Volleyball team with your father. Still remember that team.
SSgt Jim Spanel from Springfield Ohio wrote on July 18, 2022
Was stationed at Sembach 71-72 with 601 TCMS. Spent my last year on the mountain running power for the trc 97 radio relay units. I done a full 12 hour night shift and loved it usually alone . I still remember the giant jack rabbits in the early morning headlights. Had a German F104 nose in about a hundred yards from the power plant. Just stood there wondering when he was going to pull up. The pilot had punched out a mile back. Good times.
Solomon C Jones from Newark wrote on June 16, 2022
i am asking any one station at sembach, were they expose to agent orange any time while station at sembach or other herbicides please email, also the airman that was killed in an auto accident off base last name Brown, seeking his first name and Family contact, if you have any info please email me.
Thomas E Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on June 14, 2022
No I didn't know him. Good to hear from you. Had a good time at Sembach. I saw my roommate had a comment in the guest book, but I haven't heard anymore from him.
I have two friends that were at Bitburg. Not AP though.
Bill Berks from Blackwood, NJ wrote on June 14, 2022
Tom Sharrow:
Tom, apologize, missed your email before.
I was a K-9 handler with the 38th Tactical Missile Wing from June 1962-April1964. I was at Bitburg AB, Feb 1961- June1962 (Matadors) inside of the Pad., then up to Sembach with the Mace.
Had a 19 year break in service, went back in and retired 2002 after retiring from the Camden, NJ Police Force.
Did you know a Mack Jones, 38th Air Police Squadron at Grunstadt 64-67? Trying to locate anyone that knew him at his brothers request.
Take Care
Bill Berks from Blackwood, NJ wrote on June 14, 2022
Need some help. If anyone knows a Mack Jones who was an Air Policeman assigned to the 38th Air Police Squadron at Grunstadt, please contact me.
Mack was there 1964-1967.
Bill B
Duane D Thys from Cedar Rapids wrote on May 23, 2022
Squadron clerk with 38th Material Sq. 1961--1963.
John J Burri from Eloy, AZ wrote on May 20, 2022
Father, John A. Burri stationed at Sembach Air Base approximately 1968-72. He was a "scope dope", radar operator, I think he said. Our entire family was there, Mom, my two sisters and I. Lived first in Wurttemberg, then Enkenbach-Alsenborn, and finally on base housing, building 64-A2 if I remember correctly. Great childhood memories. Dad passed away in 2010. Would love to hear from anyone who may have known him or simply served there at the same time. burritone at comcast dot net
James Gunther from Oceanside wrote on May 18, 2022
Stationed at Sembach AB from 1970 thru 1974 with the 2nd Mobile Comm Group (2MOB). Sent much of my time in the field working as a Radio Relay Repairman and eating T&C's in 12 man field tents. We also had some good TDYs in Greece, Turkey, and Iran.
bill berks from Blackwood, NJ 08012 wrote on May 13, 2022
Stationed at Sembach 1962-1964 as an Air Policeman with the 38th Air Police Squadron, 38th Tactical Missile Wing. Looking for fellow members of the 38th Air Police K-9 Unit.
Had 19 year break in service, went back to Sembach in 1997-1998. Landmarks still there to include chow hall, NCO Club and kennels on the flight line. (However now controlled by Germany I believe. Will send photos.
Ken Kunzman from Granbury Texas wrote on May 9, 2022
Crew 1-15 1966 Sembach. Grew up in USAF Military family, Joined in 64 at 19yrs, Left from Malmstrom, MT in 68 to return to NY and job at IBM. Retired IBM in 93 in Dallas, TX. No regrets about the great life provided while growing up and the time to grow up while enlisted.
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
FYI - I changed your input. I replaced "1967" with "1966" as the missiles were phased out in Sept. 1966. ๐Ÿ™‚
Like you, I worked for IBM (Customer Engineer) after leaving the AF (1966). I retired in 2002 (35 years).
Regards, Russ

ps - Checkout www.TacMissileers.org. They have a reunion scheduled for Sept. 2022. Sembach is usually well represented.
Calvin Lancaster from VENICE wrote on April 29, 2022
my FATHER Calvin Lancaster was in Sembach approx imately late 1962 to 1965-6 era he had 3 boys at the time he was a 20 year man after sembach he went on to grenier in new hampshire when it closed he ewas at Vandenberg AFB tracking missles in the early 70s and finished up 1974-1977 at wright patterson maybe someone remembers him from back at sembach
Randy Boyer from Austin wrote on March 21, 2022
My father, SSgt LeRoy Boyer, was stationed at Sembach AFB, from 1959 to 1962. He was stationed at Orlando AFB when he received orders assigning him to HQ 587th TMG. He was a 31450G Missile Launch Equipment Repairman, assigned to the 587th Missile Maintenance Squadron. He also held the following positions: Control Systems Mechanic, Control Systems Team Chief and Crew Chief Controls Section, Missile Maintenance Branch. He was also a member of the 587th MMS, Volleyball team.
Ron Sharp from Terlton Oklahoma wrote on December 24, 2021
Just ran across this site. I was stationed at Sembach AFB from 1956 to 1959. 1234th AACS squadron. Seeing this site brings back a lot of great memories. "Sembatch Airpatch" will always hold a special place in my heart.
Al Siscan from Cessnock, Australia wrote on December 7, 2021
What a commendable job you guys have done!
A great informative and entertaining website - brilliant job. Thanks for keeping such an important but little known and underappreciated piece of history alive. and a homage to all those who served.

Well Done, please keep up the good work.

Kindest regards,
Al Siscan
Thomas Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on October 10, 2021
Bill Berks - I served with Tim Horner. I have a picture of our K-9 flight. There was eight of us not counting the Flight Sgt.. I was there from Aug. of 64 to Aug. of 66' My dogs name was Cay.
Thomas Sharrow from Bloomsburg wrote on October 7, 2021
I was with the 38APS -K-9 Section' From Aug of 64 until Aug of 66' I was on the same flight as Tim Horner. I have a picture of the flight.
Ralph Fox from S t u a r t florida wrote on June 8, 2021
I am trying to get in contact with anyone who was stationed with me in the 603 material squadron and worked in vehicle maintenance in 1967 when we used agent orange as cleaning fluids in our shop
bill berks from Blackwood NJ wrote on April 26, 2021
Responding to Tim Horner, Springville NY on his post dtd 9 June 2018.
Tim I was with the 585th Support Squadron K-9 Unit coming from Bitburg AB in June 1962 until March 1964 assigned to the 38th Tactical Missile Wing.

We provided security with the K-9s around the Missile Pads (Mace Missiles)
There was 9 of us in the Unit and we had the end room top floor across from the NCO Club.
Saw Brenda Lee, Sam Cooke and Tex Ritter at the club. Great memories there.
Way Into Adventures (YouTube Channel) from Winnweiler wrote on April 6, 2021
Hello everyone! Our mom is now stationed at Sembach but it is only a small piece of what the base was before. We made a YouTube video of the abandoned areas if you want to see it. It's still a great base and nice place to live. By the way, we found a crumpled up piece of black painted aluminum near the end of the runway. It had rivet holes and might have been from an airplane that crashed here. Do you guys have any idea what it might be from?

Thank you,
Ronan and Connor
P.S. if you want to see our video just search for Way Into Adventures and it was about a year ago. We think you'll like it.
Raymond Engelhardt from Lincoln, Ca wrote on February 23, 2021
I arrived to Sembach A.B. in April 1963 and after a month or so was assigned to Grunstadt Site (C Site). I work at the site for three and half years, extending my tour to assist in closing the site down in September 1966. My duties were to maintain the Missile ground support equipment that kept the missile ready to and if needed to launch. I shall never forget when Kennedy was assassinated in was night in Germany and all our launch equipment was started and ready to launch all missiles. I was thinking I hope those Army boys over on the Nike site couple of miles away are ready to shoot down anything coming our way if we started pushing buttons, if not, were history.
Carolyn S Manwaring from Pleasant Grove wrote on December 27, 2020
My father, Lt. Col. Harold M. Hegyessy, was stationed on Sembach AFB from 1959 to 1962, and commanded 3 missile pads. That was where he took me to learn how to drive. Embarrassing! The guys at the sites would sit on the wall and whistle, yell, and "comment", and watch me drive.
I am especially grateful for the great servicemen and women who served there and did their jobs during "red alert", making us feel safe. Thanks!
Bill Schneider from Sebring, Florida wrote on October 5, 2020
I was assigned to the Aircraft Crash rescue in Sembach during 1963 - after DOD โ€œCaught onโ€ to us and closed RAF Bovingdon, England. The winter I was at Sembach, the City of Rockenhausen reservoir froze and we hauled water to the town.

I was driving the last tanker when the Burgermeister invited me and my crew to his home for dinner.

After a wonderful home cooked meal, the Burgermeister dug out of his wallet a letter from a US Army Captain who was commanding a POW camp housing German prisoners after WWII. The letter stated that the Burgermeister was a model prisoner and should be afforded every consideration.

THEN the Burgermeister dug a little deeper and produced a prized possession - an AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF ELVIS!

Later Rockenhausen held a โ€œfiremans Ballโ€ for us at the beautiful wood carved meeting hall.
Jim Dutcher (Dutch from Pleasanton wrote on October 3, 2020
Thank you, Fred. Please, please keep your stories coming. Brilliant photography, writing and story line.
Edward Nangle Jr from Manheim, PA 17545 wrote on October 3, 2020
Thanks to Fred Horky for his article and pictures of the moving Mace Missile to its site at launch pads. I was in Flight "A" at Sembach and was aware of your story about Flight "C" since many of my buddies from Orlando were assigned to Flight "C". Really brings back some good memories.
James J Harris from Warner Robins wrote on September 17, 2020
First off, the way that I knew Chief Cazel was through the Aero Club at Clark AB Philippines. I was going through some old documents and found my Pilot Flight Record from 1972. I was stationed with 13th Air Force straight out of 7th Air Force Headquarters in Tan Son Nhut AB Siagon RVN. Chief Cazel was my instructor the day I soloed in a Cesena 150. He was a lot cooler than I was that day. I had no idea I was going to solo that day. He took me up and we did a couple of landings. After the second landing he asked for my ticket and told me to do five takeoff's and landings and got out of the plane. On final on the first landing the stall horn came on. I landed safely and Chief Cazel came over and told me "You might want to give it a little more throttle on the next ones." I successfully did four more and he signed me off. Good times. I have never forgotten his name after all these years (26 Nov 1972 solo date)
James J Harris, MSgt USAF Retired
Robert Maltz, M.D. wrote on August 19, 2020
I was a captain and doctor in the Air Force stationed at Sembach AFB from Aug.1963 until June, 1965. My assignment was Chief of the Hospital Clinic. I saw military patients in the morning and dependent patients in the afternoon. I also took care of the pregnant wives until their third trimester when their care and delivery was done at Landstuhl (sp?)Army hospital. I also played on the base softball team. It was a great experience and gave me a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for all of the servicemen and women who serve honorably and bravely to protect our freedoms. I would like to hear from anyone who worked at the hospital, or may have seen me as a patient. My email is maltz@cinci.rr.com.
Duane Gilbert wrote on November 18, 2019
My father SSgt. Manley V. Gilbert was stationed here. He was part of a missile crew. Not sure of the exact dates. I was born while he was there in 1963 and I believe we came back to the States in 1966. I have his missile badge with a star above the missile and his 38th Tactical Missile Wing patch. We lived a village called Sipersfeild.
Hugo Briseno from Navarre, Fla wrote on October 5, 2019
It was around 1970, when the 433 Civil Engineering Unit at Kelly AFB, Texas was given orders to active duty to go to SemBach AFB.

We were given orders to build a maintenance shed for snow plows and other winter equipment in two weeks. first was the concrete floors, steel frame walls and roofs.

We were not the only Reserve unit to assist, there were other units which did the inside electrical units.

Now at 75 yrs of age I am reminiscing of the 23 yrs in the USAF Reserves and active duty during the seizure of the Pueblo.

Proud to have served. In civilian life I retired as a Federal Criminal Investigator after 20 yrs . After retirement they called me back to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center to Instruct in Immigration Law and Spanish Language. CAPTCHA
david stiehl from galveston tx wrote on September 15, 2019
looking to contact beetle bailey and james witt
Joel Grossman from Naples wrote on August 27, 2019
Hi. One of the men in the photo for the 38th Missile Maintenance squadron 1962 gave me this photo (as seen on this site) was one of our clients. Is it possible to be emailed a decent quality file of this photo so I can have it enlarged and printed? It would just be for our wall? If not, asking permission to just scan the one I have and do it send it to a printer that way. Thanks very much and love the site.
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
I have no idea which photo you are referring to? Can you send me a copy of the photo or tell where it appears on the website?

Russ Reston


Sorry, I don't have a high-res version of the photo. I will email you a copy of what I have. You can use the photo with photo credit to Harold (Art) Jones.

Jim Dutcher (Dutch) from Pleasanton wrote on June 28, 2019
I was stationed at Sembach, 38th MMS, March 1963 - November 1966, and it shaped my AF career. I had both Guidance and Flight Controls AFSCs, worked initially on the Flight Line, then A Flight and B Flight as the Expediter. Finally assigned to Shane Comb's crew for Site Maintenance (C Flight), then other crews working all three sites. Most of my site maintenance time was at Grรผnstadt. Pulled the missiles down when they were deactivated and was reassigned to Lowry as a B Bird instructor before being commissioned and sent to flight training.

Sembach was a fantastic assignment with some of the finest Officers, NCOs and Airmen. Truly, it was my privilege to have served with them.
Bruce Neumann from Waynesboro PA wrote on May 3, 2019
My dad was assigned to Sembach in March 1961, our family arrived in May of 61, no housing was available so we lived on the economy in Rockenhausen, until housing opened at Vogelweh in Sept. We lived there for a year then moved to Sembach housing, Building 24 A-3. Neighbor s were Tillotson in A5, Lt. Col P G Smith in A6, and Gilbreath in A4. I went to 4th grade in the basement of the blue green build just before the officer' housing loop, Mrs. Senn was my teacher, 5th Grade was a yellow building (88,89?) down by the old commissary, Mr. Hull , a Canadian, was my teacher. What I remember about his classes, is that after lunch he would talk us outside and read a chapter of a semi classic to us.
Michael Tompkins from Waterloo wrote on May 2, 2019
I spent 18 wonderful months at Sembach from December 1965 to June 1966 with the 38 Air Police Squadron.
Lee Kyser from Lompoc wrote on April 13, 2019
Update the obituary to include Trevis Moss of Santa Maria Ca. He was at Sembach in the early 60s
Albert C Wendling Jr from Framingham Ma wrote on January 18, 2019
Al Wendling Jan 18 2019:
I arrived at Sembach Feb 1957 returned to the Z.I.
Mar 1960. Grd radio operator 66 TRW and 7127th Conm
Sq. One cold base in the winter. Wind blew all over the
base. One great football field.
Robert Maltz, M.D. from Cincinnati, Ohio wrote on December 24, 2018
I was stationed at Sembach from July, 1963 until July, 1965 as a physician at the hospital. I was chief of the hospital clinic. I lived in an apartment in Winweiler with my wife and child. We had a great 2 years and have fond memories of my fellow physicians, Bill Tedesco and Jack Oโ€™Halloran, as well as the medics and nurses with whom I worked. I also played shortstop on the base softball team. Our hospital commander was Major Stagg (he made light colonel in 1964). If anyone out there knew me please email me. Officially I was Captain Maltz but practically I was, and still am,
Dr. Maltz. I am proud to have taken care of all the terrific airmen and officers who were serving our country so honorably.
Chris Roth from Adamsville,Alabama wrote on December 8, 2018
I lived at Sembach from 1961 to 1966. My father was stationed there. I had the best time of of my life at Sembach. Does anybody remember Paul Roth.
Henry Wright from Sand Springs wrote on November 10, 2018
Sorry for typo. I arrived Sembach 20 Jun 1956.
Henry Wright from Sand Springs wrote on November 4, 2018
Came across this site accidently today and memories flood my mind. Was with original 11TMS from Orlando Fla arriving 20 Jun 1955, departed June 1960. Maj Paul Ireland was Sq Commander. I worked in Personnel. Enjoyed 4 years at Sembach, married a local Fraulein and we recently celebrated 60th wedding anniversary. Retired Sep 75 at Little Rock AFB. MSgt, USAF, Retired
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
Paul Ireland was still at Sembach when I arrived there in Jan. 1964. At that time he was a Lt. Col. and the commander of the 887th TMS at Grunstadt (aka Site III). https://www.sembachmissileers.org/units-2/887th-tms/?hilite=%27ireland%27

Larry Lechner from Temple City,CA wrote on October 6, 2018
I was at Sembach 1961-1964 clerking at B flight/823TMS. Those days were some of the best of my life, a European Grand Tour at Govt expense! I can still see all those youthful faces in the names I read on the Roll call and Honor rolls. Much has happened to us all in these past 50+ years but I see, from other entries in the Guest Book, that many of us share the same happy memories of our time there.( I look at my old room window in the panorama view of the base!)
Robert Love from Charleston, WV wrote on September 23, 2018
Served at Sembach AFB with the 38th Air Police from 1957-1959 and loved every minute of it!!!
wish i could do it all ever again...served with some of the best guys Ive ever known...worked security and part of that time in K-9...
John โ€œjackโ€ Moore from Chesterfield Twp MI. wrote on September 18, 2018
Was at APO130 1962 to 1965 Sembach assigned to B Site near Enkenbach as a 314xx on Launch Crew with Capt Thoeni, S/Sgt Rowe NCOIC and Airman Baker the Nuke weapons tech on our launch crew. Great time with great guys, and the Bishop Brau was the greatest. Wish it could be done all over again.
Jerrey Krzmarzick from Canby wrote on September 16, 2018
I was stationed there from Sept 1963 to Dec. 1965. Was a flight Engineer on the H-19 helicopters. Loved the whole experience. My wife and I still talk about the base.
Edward T Nangle Jr from Lititz wrote on August 31, 2018
I noticed an old post from William Bill Hegyessy concerning his Father Lt. Col. Harold Hegyessy at Sembach 1959-1962.
He was my Squadron Commander from 1959-1960 at 822nd TMS.
Edward T Nangle Jr from Lititz Pa wrote on August 26, 2018
I was shocked to see Special Order A24, where I was assigned to the Tac TM-76 Mace Missile Standardization Board. I did not know of this Sembach Missileers Reunion or the membership in this group. I was stationed in Sembach AFB 1958-1960. Flight A 822nd Tactical Missile Squadron. I was transferred from Orlando AFB to Sembach after live launches of the TM-76 Mace in Alamagordo AFB New Mexico.
JAMES(JK) ISAACS from ARREY,NEW MEXICO wrote on July 3, 2018
Ernest R Hansford from Mt. Juliet TN wrote on June 16, 2018
I was in the 38th MMS from 1964 to 1966.
I was responsible for guidance systems.
That was where I grew up.
Bob Pinkerton from Ogdensburg New York wrote on June 12, 2018
served in Sembach (38TMW) 1961-63 data services support
Tim Horner from Springville, NY wrote on June 9, 2018
Stationed at Sembach from Jan 63 to Jan 66 with the 38th Air Police k-9. Some of the best memories in my life.
Michael Kline from Knoxville wrote on May 29, 2018
So happy to find this website. 2134th Communications Squadron 86 to 88. The best two years of my life. The photo's bring back so many great memories. They had just finished the first barrack remodeling when I left for Homestead AFB.

Thank You to all who contributed to create this website!
Heinz Weissmann from Pattaya wrote on May 21, 2018
I worked as a Technical German civilian from 1956 till 1961 at the Base Communication Center.
Great Time for me.
David Kingman MSGT USAF (Retired) from Shalimar FL wrote on May 8, 2018
Sembach AB was my duty station 1959 - 1961. I worked on Mace mobile support equipment mounted on MM-1 Terracruzer trucks. Enjoyed flying model planes with the Sembach Interceptors club. Lived in the barracks before moving off base to Otterberg and Baalborn. Many happy memories.
Fred Mingle from Decatur wrote on May 5, 2018
Fred Mingle stationed at sembach air base, Germany from 1953 until 1956 as a air policeman. I loved the time I was there.
Jeff Fower from Tacoma wrote on January 31, 2018
I was at Wiesbaden AB in '75 when the word came down that the Air Force and Army were switching bases and my outfit the 601st TACC Squadron was heading south. It was like going from nice city life to the middle of a wheat field. Wasn't all bad but a little too remote considering I didn't have a car. Fond memories of Operation Reforger sleeping in tents and a shower once in awhile. Celebrated the Fourth of July Bicentenial there..lots of beer and football. Left some good buddies behind when I left in early '77. Nice website...
Burton Lasater from Diamondhead Mississippi wrote on January 10, 2018
Just a up date I just turned 88 today 10 Jan 2018. Sembach was a baner time for me wish I could do it all over again.
David Greene from Portland, Oregon wrote on September 29, 2017
I was lucky enough to be stationed at Sembach from 85 to 87. Turns out it was the most content period of my 20's. I should have enjoyed it more! I was the supply clerk embedded in the maintenance squadron for the CH-53 helicopters. Supply did not know I was on base and Maintenance thought they did and left me alone. I had a 4 man room to myself in the Maintenance barracks for most the two years. As Supply did not know I was there I was assigned no base details and was left pretty much under cover. As I was leaving there was a lot of surprised faces asking "who are you" and "How long have you been here?". Of course I had to catch up on all the missed vaccinations!
Mike Bush from Winder GA wrote on April 18, 2017
My dad Evern "Gene" Bush was a member of the 38th TMW and I believe was at Sembach around 1957-1959 and probably before that time also. Also looking for a soldier who went by "Gino" sorry, I don't have a last name, who was there around that same time.
bob braun from san jose, ca wrote on April 18, 2017
Radar tech on MSQ radar at Orlando and the cape. ran plotting board (oa-132) for matador USAF acceptance test. Lt Droke ran first mission, also he did the first remote detonation of a missile about 20 miles south and east of Canaveral. Had msq-1 number 1 at the cape; also received the first msq-1a from reeves corp. ncoic of msq-1a guidance system at garian, Libya. fluent in german. Helped select and setup several missile guidance sites in Germany, including alzey, steinfeld, and landsberg. One of 4 to train on link aviation matador simulator. detached to reeves corp and link aviation to install missile simulators and train guidance officers. developed secondary radar remote system later used on all radars. drove incredibly ugly 1956 olds super 88, chartreuse and dark grey.
ERIC SCHUBERT from GULFPORT wrote on March 14, 2017
colin hinds from lexington nebraska wrote on March 11, 2017
Was a member of the 2134th comm sq. from dec 1st 1975 to dec 1st 1977. Good tour and loved every minute of being there. would like to see the bach again someday
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
SembachMissileers.org does not organize any reunions. Many Sembach Mace / Matador veterans are members of TAC Missileers (www.TacMissileers.org). TAC Missileers has a reunion every other year. Many Sembach folk attend. In October 2017, TAC Missileers is having a reunion in Las Vegas. See this link for more info... http://www.tacmissileers.org/2017-reunion-las-vegas/
Johnny Marney from Salina, Okla wrote on March 10, 2017
I started in the Matador in Orlando in 1956, then crosstrained so to speak to the Mace and was an Instructor till 1962 when I went to Germany as a Combat Crew Member.. Worked at Hahn's Site 4 and the Training site..as a Crew Chief, with Capt Lewis and then Lt Broglie.. Was a fun tour of duty..Then SAC happened in 1966.. Retired in 1978..
Bill Didier from Portland, Oregon wrote on March 7, 2017
Bob Bolton:
Just got onto this website through Russ Reston's email today and noticed I am shown as Missileer of the day. Which day I don't know. I remarried about 8 1/2 years ago (married on Halloween Day 2008. I live with my wife Judy in a 55+ community weat of Portland, Oregon. Spending a lot of time enjoying retirement, golfing and adventuring. We're in the middle of a two-week stay in Carlsbad, CA where my son and family llive. Spent today touring San Diego; had a great time with the temperature 70F. It's been snowing in Portland the last couple of days. Talk with my old launch officer buddies on occasion, Buck Cashiola, Nixon Adams and Jack Chyle. Hope everyone is in
great health and living the good lifel
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
Bill, apparently it was your "lucky" day. The website automatically "picks" a missiler of the day from a list of people known to have served at Sembach. Regards, Russ. ????
James E. (Jim) Crockett from Huntingdon, TN wrote on January 18, 2017
I was stationed at Sembach AFB from about July 1963 until September 1966.

I was a part of 38th MMS, and was a flight control specialist.

My wife & I enjoyed much of the Germany visit, but we were both ready to reenter the good ol' USA.

After that, I cross-trained into heavy radar, and went to the new facility inside Cheyenne mountain near Colorado Springs. I also worked at Ent AFB, located inside Colorado Springs. It was only one or two city blocks in physical size.

I did enjoy that assignment. After 45 years, I (and my wife) are still in love with Colorado, and the entire Rocky Mountain area.
Bill Berks wrote on January 13, 2017
Stationed at Sembach AB with the 38th Tactical Missile Group- Air Police K-9's 1962-1964
Had a 19 year break in service- went into the reserves in 1983 and came back to Germany with HQ USAFE- Ramstein. Billeted at Sembach many times 1997-2000. Remember seeing Sam Cooke, Brenda Lee, Tex Ritter at the NCO club across from my barracks. Parking lot now has a Post Office there.
Many great memories- looking for my K-9 buddies
Burton Lasater from Diamondhead MS wrote on January 12, 2017
I was stationed at Sembach 1958 -1961
38th TMW.
Robert Cook from Marlborough wrote on December 27, 2016
I was stationed at Sembach 38th MMS from 1961 to 1964.
I was on ground support for the mace. Worked on the transport vehicles and power supplys.
Also at Bitburg missle site.Trying to find others that worked with me.
Admin Reply by: Russ Reston
You may want to check the TAC Missileers membership list. Some members served at Sembach. http://www.tacmissileers.org/active-members/

ps - I think you meant 38th MMS not 34th MMS.

jerome watts from West Grove wrote on December 22, 2016
Sembach AFB 601 Squadron 1970's
richard stewart from hamilton ohio wrote on December 7, 2016
i was at sembach air base 1961-63 38th air police
i saw alot of the mace missle pad
Ralph Ramos from Ogden Utah wrote on November 19, 2016
I was stationed at Sembach 1967-1969 as a radar operator.
Ken Lasher wrote on September 5, 2016
I was at one of the sites at Sembach, the last night. We worked on a backup missile until midnight, then shut everything down. Spent the next 2-3 months dismanuling and moth balling everything. Had a great time at Sembach.
Gary P Colsch from Shalimar, FL 32579 wrote on August 31, 2016
Thank you for reminding us of the 50th
anniversary of the 38th shutdown. As one of those with Bob Bolton at the gate at Gruenstadt, I will always remember the simultaneous shutdown of all the noise makers and the eerie silence. Even though I spent less than 2 1/2 years in the 38th at Gruenstadt, it has been a major landmark in my life.
Belinda Wilson Courtney from Champaign, IL wrote on July 6, 2016
My dad, Harry Wilson, was stationed at Sembach from 1978-1981. My brother, sisters, mom, and I were with him. We had some wonderful friends who were our overseas family. My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage and we are trying to locate James "Jim" Rich and his wife, Sandy, who had Kim and Ginny. If anyone has any idea how to contact them, that would be terrific. My parents think Jim was stationed there 76-80. Thank you for your help.
George MacChlerie from Daytona Beach wrote on June 25, 2016
I was raised in Winter Park, FL and back in 1955 we needed a new Jr high school (Glenridge) and while under construction we went to Signal Hill where they had temp buildings for us.

remember the name Pine castle and the change to McCoy!
John Robertson from Rochester NY wrote on June 13, 2016
38 TMW FEB 1962-AUG 1965
jerry wolford from mesa wrote on May 22, 2016
i was stationed at Sembach from 1958 to 1962.. i was a firefighter and was stationed at the Enkenbach missile site..great memories
Mike Kelly from Lawrence KS wrote on May 13, 2016
Colonel Haney's Obituary: Please note his daughter is Michele and his wife is Catherine.


Otto Reed Haney, born 18 September 1916, died May 9, 2016, just months short of his 100th birthday. Col. Haney was born in Waynesville, Missouri to Harry Raymond and Loto Haney. The Missouri farm boy joined the Army Air Corp in 1940 with his first assignment after flight school graduation at Hickam AFB, Hawaii in December, 1941. As WWII broke out that same month, Colonel Haney flew B17s in the battles of the South Pacific including the battle of Midway and Guadalcanal. An amazing 29 year military career followed as this aviator traveled the world becoming the Air Attache in China working with General George Marshall and General Joseph Stillwell as well as Chiang Kai-Shek, to Wing Commander of the 6595th Aerospace Test Wing at Vandenberg AFB, California. Involved early in the United States space program, Colonel Haney oversaw the initial beginnings of space travel and the launching of numerous international payloads. Receiving degrees from the University of Missouri, and George Washington University, diplomas from Industrial College of the Armed Forces and Air War College, and attending Harvard University for the Advanced Management Program, Colonel Haney remained forever an avid learner. After retirement from the Air Force in 1969, Colonel Haney devoted his remaining years as a public servant and volunteer. He negotiated the sale of Roxborough Park to the state of Colorado and championed the development of both the Park and the community which surrounds it.

Colonel Haney leaves behind his wife of 73 years, Catherine Park Haney, his son Reed Park (wife Mary), daughter, Michele, grandchildren Erick Burke (wife Reanna), Reed Haney, John Haney (wife Claudia), Emily Haney, Michael Haney, great grandchildren Oriane, Otto and Orestes Burke as well as nieces, nephews and many, many friends Colonel Haney was the recipient of the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Army Air Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, American Defense Service Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal. Colonel Haney was a Command Pilot and an Air Force Master Missile Maintenance officer. Colonel Haney will receive a military burial at Ft. Logan. In lieu of flowers, the family recommends donations in Colonel Haney's name to Wounded Warriors or a charity of choice
Mike Kelly from Lawrence KS wrote on May 10, 2016

Sorry to report the passing of your former Wing Commander Colonel Otto Haney on or about 10 May 2016. He was 99 years old and lived in th Roxborough Park area of Littleton Colorado. His wife Michele survives. His contribution to our service and nation were immense. Perhaps you did not know that following WWII Col Haney was an Air Attache to China and in that role worked with George C. Marshall in attempting to end the civil war between Communist and Nationalist factions. I met him one time at his home and he was a gentleman with an extensive view of the history of the Cold War.

Mike Kelly
Titan II DMAFB 76-81
MM II WAFB 92-94
Russ Reston from Raleigh, NC wrote on April 19, 2016
I've "refreshed" the site software and given it an "updated" appearance. Let me know if you encounter any "bugs."

Russ ๐Ÿ™‚
Linda Sibert Fischer wrote on March 1, 2016
My family lived here from 1959 -1963....
John Jack Moore wrote on September 22, 2015
I have just learned of the passing of A/1C Onnie Angelly who was assigned to the 822 TMS 1961 to 1964. Anngie as wel caled him made it to age 80. He was a rel good guy. For some reason however I did not see his name listed in the Missileers Roll Call

Jack Moore
822 & 823 TMS 1961 -1964
Clarence Pearson wrote on September 12, 2015
I was a Medic at site III In 1965-1966
kathy davis wrote on September 6, 2015
My dad (Ssgt Quentin Davis) was stationed in Sembach from 1960 until 1964 as a missileer. As a matter of fact, both my sister and I were born there during his tour. I come to this website every so often to see his picture as a young man. He loved being in the Air Force. Thanks for keeping his service alive even though he has passed.
Richard Harris wrote on June 10, 2015
Love seeing the photos from back then to now. I have the best time staying at Sembach in May 2008-Sept 2008. I wish I could of stayed longer. Great photos. If you want more I have plenty from 2008.
John Stacey wrote on March 28, 2015
My Father in Law was good Friends with the Late \"Mig Wrecker\" Dick Becker. I inherited a bunch of Dick\'s books and memorabilia. I have a bunch on pictures if you guys are interested...
Jerry Krzmarzick wrote on March 26, 2015
I was stationed at Sembach AB from Sept. 1963 to Dec. 1965.
I was at 38th MMS. flight line as a H-19 Helicopter mechanic. I was assigned Crew Chief/ Air Crew in 1965. We were Air rescue and air support for the base, Army and Air Force officer personal. I came home (Oregon) in 1964 Married and returned. My wife flew over to Sembach in early 1965. We lived off base in Otterberg Germany. We have wonderful memories of the base and the country.
Harold Deason wrote on August 31, 2014
I was stationed at Sembach with the 822nd from 1959-1962 and was a warhead tech on the Mace/Matador missiles.
NORM FALCON msg ret wrote on June 29, 2014
I was stationed at Sembach 1963-1965 assigned as security police.
marcel wrote on June 15, 2014
2014, "google maps view" from sembach airbase / tower / inside the tower and other places around. share share share my friends!

Kenneth Pete Gunn wrote on March 27, 2014
I was a A2C/A1C, 33150A Nuclear Weapons Specialist working in the ordnance area at Sembach and Enkenbach. Warhead/RATO maintenance. 1962-65. First in the 5th Tac Depot Sq, OL-4 then 38th Missile Maintenance Sq. Swung many a warhead at Site 1, 2, & 3.
Peter neilson capt. 1963 wrote on January 26, 2014
My father served from 1962 as a Crew Captain.we lived on base in blog 28 c 5
William Bill Hegyessy wrote on January 15, 2014
Hi, does anyone remember my father, Lt.Col. Harold Hegyessy? He was a Mace Squadron Commander from 1959 - 1961. We lived in the apartment block opposite the theater and elementary school (which I attended and learned the German language). Many fond memories including a picture of me standing on a ladder (air stair?) touching the nose of Mace Missile.
james logan wrote on January 6, 2014
Was stationed at Sembach for second time from 1973-1976. Worked base supply as an E-6. Played Base level basketball and also coached
the team in 1975-1976.
James Logan wrote on January 6, 2014
I was stationed at Sembach from 1962-1965. I played baseball and sqn
basketball wining the base championship along side CJ Farr and others.
Michael chaves wrote on November 20, 2013
My Dad SSGT Gilbert RC Chaves was in a news article about saving people in a burning shoe store in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Trying to find this article. I only have half. Anyone have any info please contact me.
Richard Village wrote on September 12, 2013
Served at Sembach 1961-1963. 38th MMS, Site II.
Don Dallas wrote on June 21, 2013
I served in Sembach from 1955 when we shipped over from Orlando until Sept. 1958. I was on one of the matador launch teams with our launch comlpex outside of Sembach and also went to Libia twice for test firings of the missile. \"If I had only learned to enjoy wine.....
GERALD BRENEISER wrote on June 6, 2013

Tracy Cloud wrote on May 28, 2013
My daughter just received her orders and will be heading to Sembach in August, 2013. Your site was full of great information. Printed many of your pictures and info to send to her ahead of time. Thanks, Tracy
John Monroe wrote on May 17, 2013
I was assigned to Sembach from May 1964 until July 1966 in the 38th Air Police Squadron. I was an access controller at site II. I was also a flight leader at site III.
Michael Robinson wrote on April 3, 2013
Jack Robinson, Sembach 1962-3 was my father. Could answer some questions and have some myself.
Lee Kyser wrote on February 26, 2013
Danny Dinger passed away 1 Feb, 2013 at the age of 71. Danny was the Tech 2 on Crew 3-7 at Site III in 1964.
Ed Bradish wrote on January 20, 2013
I was in the 11th TMS and the 587th MMS at Sembach from 7/56 to 7/59. I was in armament and on a launch crew for most of the time. I can still find remnants of A,B and C flights on Google Earth. The only piece of real estate that seems to be maintained is Metro Tango armament site. It can be found at 49 27 06 53 N and 7 51 53 36 E. If you add Panaramio, you can see pictures of the igloos and the maintainance building. The maintainance building looks the same as it did in 1956---except the paint was dark green originally. Most missileers didn\'t know of this site because it was at a dead end and there was no reason to go there. I still can\'t find the motor pool site. 9 + 6= 15
Jerald Jerry Messer wrote on November 25, 2012
I was assigned to Sembach from February 1964 until February 1968 in the 38th Airpolice Squadron the last 18 months as a K-9 handler.
JERRY STRENTZ wrote on November 1, 2012
Bob Pinkerton wrote on October 8, 2012
Served at Sembach 61-63 38TMW Data Systems & Statistics with \" Sgts Carver,Collins,Donally: airman Hoffman,Ribich,Grimm,Thompson,Pogio and others--
Would love to hear from those who ran the 407\'s 602\'s, 514\'s and other dp machines
Frank Hellstern wrote on September 25, 2012
My dad was stationed at Sembach from 1975 - 1980. It was a defining experience in who I became and what I did with my life once I joined the military. The memories of chewing on a hot bratwurst, watching the Sembach Tigers weekly football game in the best stadium in Europe is priceless.
Gary Ruckle wrote on June 16, 2012
Stationed at Grunstadt 38th TMW, 62-65. Looking to make contact with anyone serving with me.
Joe Sheringo wrote on May 13, 2012
Hello all,

Was in the dental clinic from \'73 to \'75. Met my wife at Sembach and we are planning a trip back in Sept. Would appreciate any help getting onto the base.

Jack JR Moore wrote on May 8, 2012
Memories of many long days and nights at Invent 1 which I believe is the block house depicted in the video come flooding back. I am also glad that the site will be put to another good use, we all remember what the first good use was, \"we lived it\". Fondest memories were of Capt Thoeni, NCOIC Bill Rowe & Mech Brown of crew 2-7
I believe only Brown and I remain.
Thanks for placing the video on the website

JR Moore Mech 1 crew 2-7 1962-65
Larry Lechner wrote on May 8, 2012
Thanks for the update on Site II. That spot was a big part of what it meant to be in the USAF in Germany as far as I was concerned. That it will pass (or has already passed) into history is the nature of things. At least now it will have a useful future.
Ron Lewis wrote on May 3, 2012
This site is a great walk in the past. I was at Sembach fron 71-74. I see Capt Albert signed in. I worked under him and Maj Webster.
Wolfgang Loester wrote on March 7, 2012
Thank you for the lot of information!

We live in Enkenbach, next to Sembach and Mehlingen. Bazi is our dog. He loves to walk \"Gassi\" at the abandoned sites - and I love to learn how it was there in former times.

Veronika, Wolfgang and Bazi from Enkenbach
Ed Albert wrote on February 3, 2012
Very interesting site. I was at Sembach in 1972-75 as an SP and Disaster Preparedness officer, so saw only the empty sites. We knew little about the prior missions, a lot may have still been classified at that time, so it is great to learn more about them. Hosting a reunion at Sembach this September - hope some of you can attend. We\'ll enjoy your stories.
Lee Kyser wrote on January 26, 2012
Beryl C Ristine passed away from natural causes on 26 January 2012. Beryl arrived at Sembach in March 1961, assigned to the Missile Maintenance squadron. Initially, he was a maintenance crew chief/supervisor and subsequently sent to Quality Control performing administrative duties. He was transferred to Vandenberg AFB in 1965 where he was assigned to the instrumentation section of the 4392d Comm Squadron maintaining the telemetry systems for the Minuteman missile. Beryl retired as a MSgt and made his home in Santa Maria, California after 24 years of service.
Jim Gale wrote on January 8, 2012
Went to Sembach with the 11th TMS after tech school at lowrey for Nuc Wpns 46350. I was in thwe armenent section of the 587 support squadron Went to Tripoli and rotated June 59. I just wonder why the emphasis of this site is from 60 on?
Wayne Mills wrote on December 29, 2011
I was not in the missile operations. My sqdn was the Base comm/teletype/my afsc was Cryptography from Aug 1957 to Aug 1960. My work place was two fold, one was down in the foot ball field in what was built to look like locker rooms and in later years we moved to up on the hill, behind the chapel and it was the teen center when I was last a Sembach in 1987. What a tidal wave memories, never will forget when Powers was shot down over Russia in 1960 (think it was) and we put in some over time - big time, it looked like: \" Show Time!\" Germany is good place for young, single guys!
I did 10 years active and 15 reserve then retired. My civilian job was Police Sgt, served nearly 30 years. Wayne Mills age 76 Oklahoma City,Okla 2011 Dec.
Wayne Mills wrote on December 27, 2011
I will always look back affectionately on my time at Sembach AB arriving their Sept.
1957 and sadly leaving on Aug of 1960. The beautfy of Germany was as heart warming
the last time I look back from the bus taking me to Rhein Main as it was the very first
time I saw in 1957. My added enjoyment of Germany was that I am fluent in the German
language, no, I am not German โ€“ Cherokee indian but German was a weird hobby that certainly came in handy. I use to be very amused at the new comers to the base having no
desire to master German until they found out that all thos beautiful Frauleins spoke only German โ€“ then they came knocking on my door. I return to German frequently due to
having married a German woman that I met here in my home town of Oklahoma City, Okla.
We visit the North Sea coast town of Heide in the state of Schwig Holstein. I did stop
off at Sembach in the summer of 1987 just as the barracks were being renovated. I retired from the USAF after 5 years of a navy enlistment and then 5 years of air force
plus 15 years as a reservist and Okla. Air National Guard. I received an air force pension and police pension. My highest rank was Tsge (E6 โ€“ 25 years total) and Patrol Sgt on the Midwest City Police Dept. My city of police service was just across the street from Tinker AFB. I love to tell people that I made 5 stripes with the USAF and
saved nearly 100 stripes for others. โ€ Sgt, should I arrest you for DUI or let your wife drive? โ€ Best to all of you and keep up the good work.
Terry L Johnson wrote on December 7, 2011
I was with the 417th TFS at Ramstein, 1966 - 1968. Hoisted way too many Parkbrau\'s

My website is about the 417th
Thanks and great site.
jack hall wrote on November 29, 2011
I would like to thank all memebers of the 38th Tactical Missle Wing that worked for and with my father Lt. Col. Jack T. Hall. He passed away the 25th of Nov. 2011. He was a great father, a good friend and a man that loved his family. I will miss him. Thank you all. Jack P. Hall, son.
Kent P. wrote on October 6, 2011
I was an Airman in the 38th Supply Sq and 38th ABGp 3/60 to 10/63. Met my wife in Germany. Stayed in the AF and retired as an 0-3 in 1982. We return to Germany every few years to visit.
Russ Reston wrote on October 6, 2011
For Everyone\'s Info

The article that JR is referring to was posted on the TAC Missileers website.


JR Moore wrote on October 6, 2011
Just read a Guest book submission by SM/SGT Sid Segler on the TAC Missileer website, and I hope some can say that what he has asserted isn\'t so, \"that being during the RFML changeover involving the TM76A an undetected defect was involved with the LEU hand crank that would have resulted in no Mace ever leaving the launch pad\" I shudder to think that we all spent 3 years or more on alert duty in the block house, and that if the time came to do what we were trained for, the system would have failed as asserted by Sgt Segler. \"Say it isn\'t so\"
John \"JR\" Moore 823rd TMS crew 2-7
Blair, S. R. wrote on October 4, 2011

That\'s my pop! A2C Henry Blair - 38th MMS

S. R. Blair, USAF
Ron O'Loughlin wrote on September 22, 2011
Started at Lowry AFB, Orlando AFB, Camp Happiness, Sembach AB. I wish I knew then what I know now.
Things would have been different
Clint Huffman wrote on September 20, 2011
There will be a Sembach AB mini-reunion in Branson, MO from 7 - 9 Oct. Branson is beautiful, affordable & there is a lot to do for varying interests. Please let me know if you are interested.

Clint Huffman
38th APRON. 63-67

Hans W. Bayha wrote on August 28, 2011
Hi Russ and Bob,

I am unfortunately only now. I thank you for the quick help.
The link to the Nike site by Bob from Sachsenheim is worth gold. Excuse the lousy English, the translater of Google has made.

Best Wishes

Hans W.Bayha
Russ Reston wrote on August 20, 2011
Bob Bolton (887th TMS - Grรผnstadt ) was kind enough to translate the previous guestbook entry submitted by Hans Bayha. Thanks Bob!!!


\"As part of research about U.S. military facilities in Germany, I am lead to your very informative website.

I was born in 1944 and in my youth and even later, very often met with U.S. soldiers, hence my interest. To my very great regret, many U.S. garrisons in and around Stuttgart in
the last two decades have been disbanded. To my knowledge there are only 3 U.S. barracks in Stuttgart, which is not beneficial to the continued cultural exchange any longer.

Now I have a question for you: Can someone tell me which U.S. unit was stationed at the rocket position near Gross Sachsenheim near Stuttgart I once was there, it must have been the end of the sixties, at the invitation of MSgt. \"Herbie\".
Herbie unfortunately died in 1998 and his wife no longer lives also.

Best wishes

Hans W. Bayha\"


Bob also advised that more information about the former Nike site at Sachsenheim / Gross Sachsenheim, can be found at this link - http://www.nikesystem.de/Pages/Ami/Sachsenheim/us_nike_sachsenheim.htm .
Hans W, Bayha wrote on August 19, 2011
Im Rahmen von Forschungen รผber US-Militaer Standorte in Deutschland bin ich auf ihre sehr informative Webseite gestossen.

Ich bin Jahrgang 1944 und in meiner Jugendzeit und nachher auch noch, sehr oft mit US-Soldaten zusammen gekommen, daher mein Interesse daran. Zu meinem grossen Bedauern sind sehr viele US Garnisonen in Stuttgart und Umgebung in den letzten Zwei Jahrzehnten aufgeloest worden. Meines Wissen gibt es nur noch 3 US Kasernen in Stuttgart,was dem kulturellen Austausch nicht gerade foerderlich ist.

Nun habe ich eine Frage an euch:
Kann mir jemand sagen welche US-Einheit auf
der Raketen-Stellung in GROSSACHSENHEIM bei
Stuttgart (Germany) stationiert war. Ich war
einmal, muss Ende der sechziger Jahre gewesen sein, auf Einladung des MSgt, \"Herbie\" dort.
Leider ist Herbie schon 1998 verstorben und seine Frau lebt auch nicht mehr.

Viele Gruesse

Hans W. Bayha
David Baez Portalatin wrote on July 15, 2011
Duty from Feb 1962 to Dec. 1964. 38th Msl. Maint. Sqd. Duty near Bremen at a shooting range. Nuclear detonation detection system repairman. Group of 15 airmen at 3 different sites. Any info of original group will be gladly received.
John JR Moore wrote on June 3, 2011
Been a while since I left a message and havn\'t seen any names that I remember in quite a while.
Lowery 3515th Mace A June to October 1961
4504th OAFB October 61 to Jan 62, Sembach 822 TMS & 823 TMS Tech 1 through December 1964 then back to OAFB as instructer until discharge. Can be reached at jmoore1164@aol.com
Glenn Wilder wrote on May 15, 2011
I worked on RB57A, B/RB/ WB57B, C, D and E however I had never seen / heard of a JB57. You learn something new every day! I was stationed at Yokota AB (3rd BW and 6091RS) and Kirtland AFB (1211 TSS / 58th WRS). The 58th WRS received F models after I was discharged. There may have been other B57 units at Yokota I don\'t remember, I flew to DM AFB at Tucson to install engines in a B57 which had been modified with a Bomarc missle section grafted on the nose. There is a photo on page 164 of Bob Mikesh\'s book. There is a photo of a B57 with a TM-76A MACE missile nose grafted on page 165. (Robert C. Mikesh - Martin B-57 Canberra: The Complete Record).
Joe Devlin wrote on March 11, 2011
I was stationed here from 1981-1983...my first time overseas. It was probably the most fun I ever had in my life. I was a young Airman and I was set free like a maniac in Europe. I\'ll never forget the fun I had and the friends I made at Sembach.
Robert bob Perkins wrote on January 11, 2011
1963-1965 assigned Tech 1 missile maintenance
crew, site 3, then dispatch crew and then spent time as site aide to CSMGT Culpepper.
Lived off base with my wife in Alsenborn.
Reassigned to Malstrom AFB in Montana to
aircraft missiles after my assignment.
Chester H. Gay Sr. wrote on October 11, 2010
Ron Buckholz wrote on August 14, 2010
Typo error on the website in my first post. Anyone visiting this site who was stationed at North Point (Kriegsfeld Special Weapons Depot) visit our site and if you have not already joined our group contact me so we can sign you up! Thanks! Ron
Ron Buckholz wrote on August 14, 2010
I was a member of the 619th Ord Co at Kriegsfeld Germany in the 1969\'s. Sembach was close and we passed it often going to and fro. I\'m sure that some of the war heads we serviced ended up on your boomers. Cool site by the way!
Karl Miles wrote on August 3, 2010
Great site, I\'ve learned a lot about the mission there, and it does bring back a few memories, even though I was a dependent. My dad was Capt. Raymond \"Woody\" Miles, comm. officer for Sembach in 1959-61 before he retired to Boulder, CO to the Bureau of Standards. I went to Vogelveh and Sembach for jr. high, then took the bus to K-town for h.s.

I would love to see a section devoted to the kids of Sembach.

Thanks, Karl
Walter Babcock wrote on June 2, 2010
Airman 2nd Class in 887TH launch crew 1965 to closing. Other crew members were Lt. Brown, SSgt Kelly, Airman 2nd Class Blakeman; Lt. Col Wright commander; 1St Sgt Goff. Reassigned to Minuteman at Minot. Left service in 1975 wtih rank of Captain.
Russell Bledsoe wrote on April 29, 2010
I was assigned to the 38th MMS from Jul. 1963 to Sep. 1966. I was Flt. Cont. Mech. on Sgt. Jardines crew; Site 1 Cordinator with CSMGT Culpepper; Tmp. Duty to new CMR in 1965. My wife, Lois, worked in Family Services and we lived in Sippersfeld and Enkenback. We were members of the Button and Bows Square Dance Club. We transfered back to Minuteman at Whiteman AFB, MO and then to Chanute AFB, IL as a Inst. until injured at base campground and retired in 1972. We attended the Missileer reunion in Orlando and presently live in Bryan, TX. We had a very enjoyable time being assoc. with all the military families.
Jack \"JR\" Moore wrote on April 14, 2010
At site II as Mech 1 1962 -1965 crew 2-7 Capt Thoeni, SSgt Rowe and Mech 2 Tom Baker, many great times and fond memories learning game of bridge,the heart warming sounds of NTCUs, jigsaw puzzles, and meals brought to blockhouse in those deep dish metal top stackable containers and building a better mouse trap of what ever materials we coud find in the blockhouse.
Lee Kyser wrote on March 12, 2010
The sad news for today was learning that Clifford Holske, Lt Col (Ret) is no longer with us. Most of us who knew him at Sembach remember him as a Captain making Major and as a launch officer and subsequent operations officer at C Flight. He was a charter member of the Tacmissileer association, but to my knowledge, only attended the first reunion in Las Vegas. Following his tour in Germany, he was assigned to Vandenberg AFB, Ca. After retiring, he worked in Santa Maria, California, co-managing a local welding supply company. He later retired to Las Vegas, Nevada where he passed away on 12 December, 2007. He was one of the most pleasant officers I ever had the pleasure to work with. God bless him!
ray antkkowiak wrote on March 1, 2010
I was there 1964-1965. I worked and was a flight mechanic on the C-47.If any one knows who was one the one that crashed in 1967 would you e-mail me.
Jim Hultman wrote on February 27, 2010
The 38th Tac missle wing replaced us - the 66th Tac Recon Wing - at Sembach. I was stationed there in \'56 -57, assigned to the 302nd Tac Recon Sq. The place holds many fond memories for me too. All the photos are very familiar. So thanks alot for the site.
Robert L. Meleady wrote on January 11, 2010
I am the son of Missileer Robert L. Meleady of Crew 2-10. Just stumbled on this site doing geneology research. We are not senior/junior. He\'s Leon and I\'m Lynn.

The site brought back memories of my childhood. I went through the 1st-3rd grades while there.

My dad is not a big one for the internet, but I will let him know of the site.
Thomas E, Conrad wrote on November 12, 2009
Crew 3-5 Oct. \'63 - 66 (phase out)
Missile Crew Commander
Lt. Thomas E. Conrad - Morgan Hill, CA
Crew Chief
SSgt. Paul R. Holmberg - Orange City, FL
Mech #1
A2C Stephen E. Teets
Mech #2
Thomas E. Conrad wrote on November 11, 2009
What a great web site. I am so excited. WOW! brings back a lot of memories.
Ken Lasher wrote on July 25, 2009
I was at Sembach 1965-66 (phase out)
38th MMS, Flight Controls, crew member.
Also ran the photo hobby shop 65-66.
snell, waymon w. wrote on July 13, 2009
ref: \"lonely/ no glory in block houses(sic).
I was on maintenance crew-SSGT Mollert, crewchief and the rest of us were out in the MM1 check out van- SOMETIMES- and in the lovely weather most of the time. We wern\'t exactly heralded either, no glory there!
We were out there in the open trying to keep the birds ready/ de-icing and all that \"fun\" stuff. We ONLY worked 24 on and 48 off, with WORKED 24 ON and then collapsed the next 12 unless we had to pull CQ or the like after! I thank SMSGT Jidy Whitlow for preventing this in my case at least ONCE.
I also remember WE Maintenance crew members could NOT switch duty with any other mech 1/2 whatever to attend college courses and definitely could not do homework on duty as the Block-house crew could do.
I still will say the troops I was associated were a great group even tho the squadron(on base) seemed to be very remote as to any of sites concerns!
AL GROFT wrote on July 13, 2009
Guys and Gals - I was at Sembach Sept 59 - Sept 62, as 587th MMS MAST Admin Clerk. I was Sembach chapel organist and formed youth choir Oct 61 to Sept 62. Attending DAYTON with Wendel and Lorraine Guy, at HI - North. I will have two group pix of youth choir with hopes someone at DAYTON will recognize their child, or contact me at home.

709 Elkwood Drive
New Cumberland, PA 17070-1545
Cell 717-580-7941
Ken Corl wrote on July 5, 2009
This is a great site. I served with the 38th MMS at Sembach 1962 to 1966 as a Mech 1. I worked primarily at site 1 for Sgts Sanchez and Reiley,but we also did our turns at II and III. I finished up as Site II Maint. Coordinator in early 1966. I loved the whole experience. Hope to see you in Dayton.

Ron Baird wrote on April 29, 2009
Hello Russ,
Great Site!!! I have enjoyed looking thru the crew listings and found many familiar names (& memories). I am planning to be at Wright-Pat for the upcoming reunion and hope we meet there. I missed the Tuscon get-together but have made the rest of them. Great times! My time at Sembach are some of the greatest times of my life.

Thanks for constructing this site. I do have a bunch of my old orders in a scrap book that I can copy for you along with a few pictures. I will start on that project and bring them for you at Dayton.

Best Regards,
Lee Kyser wrote on April 25, 2009
In June, 2004, Charles C. Cage, Major USAF (Ret), passed away at the age of 69. Chuck had been a launch officer from 1962 - 1964, performing duties first at A Flight and last at C Flight. After his tour at Sembach, he got back into the cockpit as an instructor at Williams AFB, Az. Subsequently, he had a tour in Vietnam flying combat missions in the A-1 Skyraider. Later, he went to Sheppard AFB, Tx as an instructor on the T-38 Talon. His last residence was in Texas.
Ron Hope wrote on March 25, 2009
Hi Russ; good to see your name again and especially info about the 38th Tac Msl Wg. I was the Orderly Room clerk along with Jerry Brockman and Sgt Salwoitis. I was with the 823rd from Jan 1965 until it phased out in Sep 1966. I was then transferred to the 7th Air Commando Sq.
Larry Lechner wrote on March 24, 2009
Continue to enjoy reviewing the latest news and photos. It is amusing to see how each of us has the same pictures of the sites around Sembach, each with his own memories. The 45 years since I was there come back vividly through your website. Hope you continue to find more missileers. Wonder what ever became of Robert M Bond, Frank D Garza.They went on to OCS from Sembach. James Zebris from Ohio lived in our barracks. He was part of the supply operation not a crew member.
Curtis P. Guyote wrote on February 9, 2009
It was a shock to receive your letter, how did you locate me? I am glad you did. Briefly, I was at Sembach from Oct \'62 to Oct \'65. I worked at the Base Flt Line on MM-1, etc. till I was moved to Site II. I will have to look in old boxes for pictures and data. I was in only four years, made A1C there. More later, Thanks Russ, excellent site!
Frank Sierra wrote on February 6, 2009
Stationed at Sembach AB from 64-66 with the 38th Air Police K-9 section. Have great memories from that part of my youth. Would like to reconnect with any of my old K-9 buddies. Or any other cop from that time frame. When I was discharged I swore I\'d never wear an Air Force uniform again. 12 years later I enlisted in the Air Guard and served 22 years with pride. I\'m a professional artist and even though I\'m retired I still do commissioned paintings for the Air Force. I guess My blood is Air Force BLUE. I just love painting airplanes.
Daniel Schurter wrote on December 20, 2008
Greetings from Switzerland!
Daniel Schurter
Lt Col James E. Falconer wrote on November 6, 2008
Excellent Site Russ. Thanks for contacting me about it. During the period from 16 April 1959 till Dec 1962 I served as OIC Specl Wpns Sect, 587 Tac Msl Maint Sq; Group Armament Off, 587 Tac Msl Gp; Nuclear Safety Off, 38 Tac Msl Wg. Enjoyed the duties but not the German weather. Jim
Patrick E. Tagney wrote on September 30, 2008
Good work Russ. I recognize many of the names. The visuals are great. From a \"yardbird\" AIC to CMSgt in 20 years ain\'t bad. Left USAF from KI Sawyer in 1988. Many of the good times I recall are of Sembach and the folks we served with. Still don\'t clearly notice sounds like the old NTCU\'s.

Thomas Robison wrote on September 27, 2008
Mr. Reston, I just wanted to thank you for the article and pictures of my dad. I was too young to remember much about Sembach. If you or Mr. Bailey have any more info. I would appreciate it.

My mother really enjoyed the pictures on website. If you have any pictures of Nino or Analise? mom would enjoy seeing them. Just a little background on dad, he passed away in 1976 of cancer. He had spent a couple of tours in Vietnam as a navigator, and he retired in 1974. I had very little contact with him after the ageof 12, until 1976 when he was in Walter Reed. He was buried in Arlington with full honors.
Thomas S Robison wrote on September 15, 2008
would like to hear from anyone who served
with my father Maj. Thomas Robison at Sembach Air Base approx.1960-63.
Pete Goodwin wrote on July 18, 2008
Russ, thanks for including my photos on your site. I\'m sure dad would have loved looking it over. I know mom and I have.
Richard T. Dick Johnson wrote on July 2, 2008
Russ, I just started to look thru your website. I was a launch crew and flight commander at jolly old Grรผnstadt, the \"jewel in the crown of the 38th TMW\"! 1963-until closure in 1966. Enjoying some great memories of some great people. Will add to your collection as soon as I get organized.

Michael Hamerski (Hammer) wrote on May 19, 2008
Hi Russ,
I am back in Wisconsin and will be digging into my shoe-box of old photos from Sembach.
You have done an incredible job of developing this web site. I really like it. Thanks a million. After attending last years reunion you can bet that I will be going to next years in Ohio and that should give us a chance to meet again after all these years. Can hardly wait.
All the best,
Michael H.
Robert (Bob) Kutulis wrote on May 12, 2008
Hi Russ;
Great Web site---Thanks for the memories. I was a crew chief at the 887th, Hacksaw. After 24 years in the Air Force, I look back to my assignment at the 887th as the most memorable. The 887th was a unit with the highest camaraderie and esprit de corps and I have many lasting friendships and memories from from my assignment there. I hope as many people as possible can join us at the 38th TAC Msl Wing reunions.

Bob Kutulis
Vikki Ertz Hamilton wrote on May 6, 2008
I was fortunate to be able to visit my brother, sister-in-law and family in June, 1965 through October, 1965, and live on base with them. I had just graduated from high school in Portland, OR, and was in awe of the beautiful countrysides and interesting people in Germany and other countries I visited.

It was great being part of the Sembach AFB community and I met so many terrific servicemen and their families. It certainly made a lasting impression on me, and I was thrilled when my brother, Richard Ertz, called and told me about the website. Dick is retired now and lives in Las Vegas, playing as much golf as he can and winning at the casinos. He is very lucky!

Thank you, Russ, for this site and for the work you are putting into this project. I hope others take the time to help you by sending photos and reconnecting through email.

Thanks again, and good luck,

Vikki Ertz Hamilton
John Ward wrote on April 1, 2008
Russ\' I just sent you a e-mail. I was at Grunstadt from 61-66.When we first went there, all of our birds were ASAP birds.I don\' have pictures, but I have a copy of every order I received since I volunteered for Missiles in 1961.

Joe Molinaro wrote on March 31, 2008
Just heard of your new website Russ; good job getting something new added. However, much of the old info and pictures are located at the TAC Missilier site. I was assigned to 822, Crew 1-13 until I promoted to SMS and then transferred to Site II maintenance Chief. Departed Sembach in Jan 66. Attended Reunions in Dallas and Nashville. Good luck getting some new additions and pictures.
JACK P. HALL wrote on March 20, 2008
Walter Allan Reston,
Hello brother in law. How is Bridget and the kids. On the computer and wondered about old Sembach and the 38th. Saw the Mace missle on the cover and a group of kids under it. I remember Mom took a couple of pictures of us kids under the same missle in 64. In Bogart, GA working for **** ********** Systems, Inc.
***** Jefferson Ave. , Bogart, GA. 30622
706-614-**** God loves us, and thank God we never had to use the missles....Sembach, I am sure, was on the Russians hit list also.
Rui Mauricio wrote on February 27, 2008
Thank you Russ
I was contacted by Mr Kyser and we have gone over a few details and mods on the mini cooper that confirms that in fact I do have Mr kyser\'s old race car.Hopefully Mr kyser and I will be able to get together some time in the future.I would be very Happy to reunite Mr kyser with the litle car the after 40 plus years.
Bill Adair wrote on February 27, 2008

Great site!

I think you are looking for info on the Mace 822nd TMS, but I was also in the
822nd, when it was still a Matador Sq.

I\'m an old Matador guidance mechanic, from the original 11th Tac Missile Sq.,
Combat Flight B. Trained at Lowry AFB CO, completed overseas training at Orlando
AFB FL, including two live Matador launches from Cape Canaveral.

We arrived at Sembach in June of 1956, in the first mass airlift of an entire
military organization, including dependents. Flew from Orlando Florida, to
Sembach Germany via the northern route, with two stops for fuel. Eighteen hours
of flying time if I recall correctly, in a Douglas DC-6B transport.

Later, the organization was renamed for a WWII bomb squadron, and the 11th TMS
became the 822nd TMS, under the 587th TMG. In Dec of 1958, the Matadors were
being phased out at Sembach, and many of us were reassigned to Hahn, where
Matadors were still operational. I served the last six months of my overseas
tour at Hahn AB, returning to the states in June of 1959, and was subsequently
assigned back to Lowry AFB CO, as a Mace B inertial guidance system instructor.
We attended the entire Mace A guidance system school, while waiting for the
Martin Company to start Mace B factory training in Baltimore.

I taught the Mace B inertial guidance system course for three years, before
being assigned to the Douglas Skybolt air launched ballistic missile guidance
school at Lowry.

Macnamara canceled the Skybolt program less than a year later, when we had just
begun setting up our training program at Lowry. Sadly, I never again returned to
the class room as an AF instructor, and was subsequently assigned to Holloman
AFB, NM, as a guidance technician.

Ironically, my first job assignment at Holloman, was on the Skybolt rocket sled
test program! We adapted the Skybolt astro inertial platform, as a test bed for
later guidance system component testing. The first test item we carried, was a
Minuteman II accelerometer.

I retired at HAFB thirteen years later, and took a job with the Boeing Company
in Seattle. Retired from Boeing in 95, and we moved to Portland Oregon three
years ago, to be near our youngest grandkids.

My time at Sembach was an exciting adventure, and I will never forget those
wonderful times, and all the dear friends I made there. Many of them or gone
now, but the memories are still with me, and I will cherish them for the rest of
my life.

Good luck with your web site, and please let me know if there is any way I may
assist you in your efforts.


Bill Adair
Rui Mauricio wrote on February 23, 2008
Hello Russ
I know I\'m an outsider butI just could not contain myself,I own teh mini cooper in pics and I am holding in my hand as Itype this a registration card to the mini cooper dated 01-18-67 owner Kyser Linvel Lee jr.
Vandenbrg AFB CA Non resident military.
what a small world.Is mr kyser still with us? how can I get in touch with Him?
Donald R Hess wrote on February 21, 2008
Great site and thanks for the memories!
Seems like my 1st message did not get through. Being another
Rich Jarosz wrote on February 21, 2008
Just wanted to say that your site is terrific. Sure brought back lots of memories of wonderful times at Sembach AB. I was assigned to the 38th Tac Hospital working in medical supply in the barracks across the street from the base veterinarians office. Arrived Sembach 12/22/59 and rotated 12/23/62. You and I probably bumped shoulders at the NCO Club, snack bar, chow hall of BX at one time or another. Who was the Medic in your 60
Paul O\'Rell wrote on February 20, 2008
The picture with the shelters over the top of the missiles looks to be Site #1 to me. I was assigned to site one way after decommissioning of the missiles. I was there in 1975-76. The layout from what you get in the image looks the same. Needless to say there was even more buildings that would have been in the picture when I was there as they added maintenance buildings to the site where the missiles could be worked on.

The Site had been abandoned for about probably 9 years when we took it over to base the 601TACC there , the mobile command and control squadron for the 601TCW which was the USAFE command and control wing at that time. It was not the ideal spot but there was no room on base after they moved the 601TCW back to the Bach after having moved it for 4 months to Wiesbaden, typical military maneuver..lol.
Paul O
Joseph J Grimm Jr. wrote on February 20, 2008
I was stationed at Sembach from June 1960 through Feb 1963. I was assigned to Hq 38th Tac Missile Wing. I returned to the states under Project Short Spurt to allow for other airmen to come to Germany for a shorter tour but without dependents. I don\'t know how that turned out. I don\'t have a \'pocket rocket\' and can\'t be considered a Missileer. However, I initially worked in the Wing Civil Engineering office and typed page after page of specifications and justifications in order to have a permanent cover installed over the missiles to protect them from the elements. Next I worked for the Wing Inspector and typed the findings of the infamous Operational Readiness Inspections of the missile sites. I know you loved them! I am most proud of the fact that I was the centerfielder for the Sembach Tiger Base Fast Pitch Softball team in 1961 and 1962. We traveled throughout Germany and other countries, representing not only Sembach but USAFE. The 1960 team was the USAFE champion. It was an opportunity and experience that I will never forget. Finally on your web site I noticed the Special Orders from 1962. I was the Orders Clerk in the 38 TMW Hq and typed those orders! Seeing those brought back great memories from a time long ago! Congratulations on the site and give my best regards to all the former members of the 38th Tactical Missile Wing.
Hank Barlow wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ, Just heard about your site and it looks good. I was a mech 1 at the 887th at Grunstadt from 1964 - 1966 and then was a maintenance team chief at the 341st msl wing at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls. Sure had a great time there and met a lot of lasting friends. Good Luck with the site. Hank Barlow, crew 3-11 at Hacksaw 3
Bob Bolton wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ,
Good luck with the new Sembach Missileers web site, I hope it takes off for you. It has a good looking format. Nice to see a web site dedicated soley to the Missilemen from Sembach. I was a launch Mech #1, stationed and living at Gr
Lance Moorman wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ:

Bob Bolton was nice enough to forward your site to me. Nice format. Best wishes for sucess. I was a Mech II at the 887th TMS at Grunstadt from 1962 to 1964. I was just recently able to reconnect to many of the great guys I was with in Germany. It has been enjoyable finding them again. It is through people, such as you, who are willing to put forth the effort to give us the means to continue our fellowship.

Thank you.
Lance Moorman
Russ Reston wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi! My name is Walt \'Russ\' Reston. I am a former member of the 823rd TMS. I was stationed at Sembach from Feb. 1964 until missile phase out in Sept. 66. I was the Tech. #1 on Crew 2-15.

Sembach brings back a lot of good memories, so I thought I\'d share some of them with y\'all via this website. I\'d love to hear from people that were stationed at Sembach in the mid-1960s and solicit any slides/photos/anecdotes/etc. that you are willing to share. All slides/photos will be digitized and the originals returned promptly.

Best Regards,
Russ Reston