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Hank Barlow wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ, Just heard about your site and it looks good. I was a mech 1 at the 887th at Grunstadt from 1964 - 1966 and then was a maintenance team chief at the 341st msl wing at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls. Sure had a great time there and met a lot of lasting friends. Good Luck with the site. Hank Barlow, crew 3-11 at Hacksaw 3
Bob Bolton wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ,
Good luck with the new Sembach Missileers web site, I hope it takes off for you. It has a good looking format. Nice to see a web site dedicated soley to the Missilemen from Sembach. I was a launch Mech #1, stationed and living at Gr
Lance Moorman wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi Russ:

Bob Bolton was nice enough to forward your site to me. Nice format. Best wishes for sucess. I was a Mech II at the 887th TMS at Grunstadt from 1962 to 1964. I was just recently able to reconnect to many of the great guys I was with in Germany. It has been enjoyable finding them again. It is through people, such as you, who are willing to put forth the effort to give us the means to continue our fellowship.

Thank you.
Lance Moorman
Russ Reston wrote on January 27, 2008
Hi! My name is Walt \'Russ\' Reston. I am a former member of the 823rd TMS. I was stationed at Sembach from Feb. 1964 until missile phase out in Sept. 66. I was the Tech. #1 on Crew 2-15.

Sembach brings back a lot of good memories, so I thought I\'d share some of them with y\'all via this website. I\'d love to hear from people that were stationed at Sembach in the mid-1960s and solicit any slides/photos/anecdotes/etc. that you are willing to share. All slides/photos will be digitized and the originals returned promptly.

Best Regards,
Russ Reston