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Don Dallas wrote on June 21, 2013
I served in Sembach from 1955 when we shipped over from Orlando until Sept. 1958. I was on one of the matador launch teams with our launch comlpex outside of Sembach and also went to Libia twice for test firings of the missile. \"If I had only learned to enjoy wine.....
GERALD BRENEISER wrote on June 6, 2013

Tracy Cloud wrote on May 28, 2013
My daughter just received her orders and will be heading to Sembach in August, 2013. Your site was full of great information. Printed many of your pictures and info to send to her ahead of time. Thanks, Tracy
John Monroe wrote on May 17, 2013
I was assigned to Sembach from May 1964 until July 1966 in the 38th Air Police Squadron. I was an access controller at site II. I was also a flight leader at site III.
Michael Robinson wrote on April 3, 2013
Jack Robinson, Sembach 1962-3 was my father. Could answer some questions and have some myself.
Lee Kyser wrote on February 26, 2013
Danny Dinger passed away 1 Feb, 2013 at the age of 71. Danny was the Tech 2 on Crew 3-7 at Site III in 1964.
Ed Bradish wrote on January 20, 2013
I was in the 11th TMS and the 587th MMS at Sembach from 7/56 to 7/59. I was in armament and on a launch crew for most of the time. I can still find remnants of A,B and C flights on Google Earth. The only piece of real estate that seems to be maintained is Metro Tango armament site. It can be found at 49 27 06 53 N and 7 51 53 36 E. If you add Panaramio, you can see pictures of the igloos and the maintainance building. The maintainance building looks the same as it did in 1956---except the paint was dark green originally. Most missileers didn\'t know of this site because it was at a dead end and there was no reason to go there. I still can\'t find the motor pool site. 9 + 6= 15
Jerald Jerry Messer wrote on November 25, 2012
I was assigned to Sembach from February 1964 until February 1968 in the 38th Airpolice Squadron the last 18 months as a K-9 handler.
JERRY STRENTZ wrote on November 1, 2012
Bob Pinkerton wrote on October 8, 2012
Served at Sembach 61-63 38TMW Data Systems & Statistics with \" Sgts Carver,Collins,Donally: airman Hoffman,Ribich,Grimm,Thompson,Pogio and others--
Would love to hear from those who ran the 407\'s 602\'s, 514\'s and other dp machines
Frank Hellstern wrote on September 25, 2012
My dad was stationed at Sembach from 1975 - 1980. It was a defining experience in who I became and what I did with my life once I joined the military. The memories of chewing on a hot bratwurst, watching the Sembach Tigers weekly football game in the best stadium in Europe is priceless.
Gary Ruckle wrote on June 16, 2012
Stationed at Grunstadt 38th TMW, 62-65. Looking to make contact with anyone serving with me.
Joe Sheringo wrote on May 13, 2012
Hello all,

Was in the dental clinic from \'73 to \'75. Met my wife at Sembach and we are planning a trip back in Sept. Would appreciate any help getting onto the base.

Jack JR Moore wrote on May 8, 2012
Memories of many long days and nights at Invent 1 which I believe is the block house depicted in the video come flooding back. I am also glad that the site will be put to another good use, we all remember what the first good use was, \"we lived it\". Fondest memories were of Capt Thoeni, NCOIC Bill Rowe & Mech Brown of crew 2-7
I believe only Brown and I remain.
Thanks for placing the video on the website

JR Moore Mech 1 crew 2-7 1962-65
Larry Lechner wrote on May 8, 2012
Thanks for the update on Site II. That spot was a big part of what it meant to be in the USAF in Germany as far as I was concerned. That it will pass (or has already passed) into history is the nature of things. At least now it will have a useful future.
Ron Lewis wrote on May 3, 2012
This site is a great walk in the past. I was at Sembach fron 71-74. I see Capt Albert signed in. I worked under him and Maj Webster.
Wolfgang Loester wrote on March 7, 2012
Thank you for the lot of information!

We live in Enkenbach, next to Sembach and Mehlingen. Bazi is our dog. He loves to walk \"Gassi\" at the abandoned sites - and I love to learn how it was there in former times.

Veronika, Wolfgang and Bazi from Enkenbach
Ed Albert wrote on February 3, 2012
Very interesting site. I was at Sembach in 1972-75 as an SP and Disaster Preparedness officer, so saw only the empty sites. We knew little about the prior missions, a lot may have still been classified at that time, so it is great to learn more about them. Hosting a reunion at Sembach this September - hope some of you can attend. We\'ll enjoy your stories.
Lee Kyser wrote on January 26, 2012
Beryl C Ristine passed away from natural causes on 26 January 2012. Beryl arrived at Sembach in March 1961, assigned to the Missile Maintenance squadron. Initially, he was a maintenance crew chief/supervisor and subsequently sent to Quality Control performing administrative duties. He was transferred to Vandenberg AFB in 1965 where he was assigned to the instrumentation section of the 4392d Comm Squadron maintaining the telemetry systems for the Minuteman missile. Beryl retired as a MSgt and made his home in Santa Maria, California after 24 years of service.
Jim Gale wrote on January 8, 2012
Went to Sembach with the 11th TMS after tech school at lowrey for Nuc Wpns 46350. I was in thwe armenent section of the 587 support squadron Went to Tripoli and rotated June 59. I just wonder why the emphasis of this site is from 60 on?
Wayne Mills wrote on December 29, 2011
I was not in the missile operations. My sqdn was the Base comm/teletype/my afsc was Cryptography from Aug 1957 to Aug 1960. My work place was two fold, one was down in the foot ball field in what was built to look like locker rooms and in later years we moved to up on the hill, behind the chapel and it was the teen center when I was last a Sembach in 1987. What a tidal wave memories, never will forget when Powers was shot down over Russia in 1960 (think it was) and we put in some over time - big time, it looked like: \" Show Time!\" Germany is good place for young, single guys!
I did 10 years active and 15 reserve then retired. My civilian job was Police Sgt, served nearly 30 years. Wayne Mills age 76 Oklahoma City,Okla 2011 Dec.
Wayne Mills wrote on December 27, 2011
I will always look back affectionately on my time at Sembach AB arriving their Sept.
1957 and sadly leaving on Aug of 1960. The beautfy of Germany was as heart warming
the last time I look back from the bus taking me to Rhein Main as it was the very first
time I saw in 1957. My added enjoyment of Germany was that I am fluent in the German
language, no, I am not German – Cherokee indian but German was a weird hobby that certainly came in handy. I use to be very amused at the new comers to the base having no
desire to master German until they found out that all thos beautiful Frauleins spoke only German – then they came knocking on my door. I return to German frequently due to
having married a German woman that I met here in my home town of Oklahoma City, Okla.
We visit the North Sea coast town of Heide in the state of Schwig Holstein. I did stop
off at Sembach in the summer of 1987 just as the barracks were being renovated. I retired from the USAF after 5 years of a navy enlistment and then 5 years of air force
plus 15 years as a reservist and Okla. Air National Guard. I received an air force pension and police pension. My highest rank was Tsge (E6 – 25 years total) and Patrol Sgt on the Midwest City Police Dept. My city of police service was just across the street from Tinker AFB. I love to tell people that I made 5 stripes with the USAF and
saved nearly 100 stripes for others. ” Sgt, should I arrest you for DUI or let your wife drive? ” Best to all of you and keep up the good work.
Terry L Johnson wrote on December 7, 2011
I was with the 417th TFS at Ramstein, 1966 - 1968. Hoisted way too many Parkbrau\'s

My website is about the 417th
Thanks and great site.
jack hall wrote on November 29, 2011
I would like to thank all memebers of the 38th Tactical Missle Wing that worked for and with my father Lt. Col. Jack T. Hall. He passed away the 25th of Nov. 2011. He was a great father, a good friend and a man that loved his family. I will miss him. Thank you all. Jack P. Hall, son.
Kent P. wrote on October 6, 2011
I was an Airman in the 38th Supply Sq and 38th ABGp 3/60 to 10/63. Met my wife in Germany. Stayed in the AF and retired as an 0-3 in 1982. We return to Germany every few years to visit.