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Russell Bledsoe wrote on April 29, 2010
I was assigned to the 38th MMS from Jul. 1963 to Sep. 1966. I was Flt. Cont. Mech. on Sgt. Jardines crew; Site 1 Cordinator with CSMGT Culpepper; Tmp. Duty to new CMR in 1965. My wife, Lois, worked in Family Services and we lived in Sippersfeld and Enkenback. We were members of the Button and Bows Square Dance Club. We transfered back to Minuteman at Whiteman AFB, MO and then to Chanute AFB, IL as a Inst. until injured at base campground and retired in 1972. We attended the Missileer reunion in Orlando and presently live in Bryan, TX. We had a very enjoyable time being assoc. with all the military families.
Jack \"JR\" Moore wrote on April 14, 2010
At site II as Mech 1 1962 -1965 crew 2-7 Capt Thoeni, SSgt Rowe and Mech 2 Tom Baker, many great times and fond memories learning game of bridge,the heart warming sounds of NTCUs, jigsaw puzzles, and meals brought to blockhouse in those deep dish metal top stackable containers and building a better mouse trap of what ever materials we coud find in the blockhouse.
Lee Kyser wrote on March 12, 2010
The sad news for today was learning that Clifford Holske, Lt Col (Ret) is no longer with us. Most of us who knew him at Sembach remember him as a Captain making Major and as a launch officer and subsequent operations officer at C Flight. He was a charter member of the Tacmissileer association, but to my knowledge, only attended the first reunion in Las Vegas. Following his tour in Germany, he was assigned to Vandenberg AFB, Ca. After retiring, he worked in Santa Maria, California, co-managing a local welding supply company. He later retired to Las Vegas, Nevada where he passed away on 12 December, 2007. He was one of the most pleasant officers I ever had the pleasure to work with. God bless him!
ray antkkowiak wrote on March 1, 2010
I was there 1964-1965. I worked and was a flight mechanic on the C-47.If any one knows who was one the one that crashed in 1967 would you e-mail me.
Jim Hultman wrote on February 27, 2010
The 38th Tac missle wing replaced us - the 66th Tac Recon Wing - at Sembach. I was stationed there in \'56 -57, assigned to the 302nd Tac Recon Sq. The place holds many fond memories for me too. All the photos are very familiar. So thanks alot for the site.
Robert L. Meleady wrote on January 11, 2010
I am the son of Missileer Robert L. Meleady of Crew 2-10. Just stumbled on this site doing geneology research. We are not senior/junior. He\'s Leon and I\'m Lynn.

The site brought back memories of my childhood. I went through the 1st-3rd grades while there.

My dad is not a big one for the internet, but I will let him know of the site.
Thomas E, Conrad wrote on November 12, 2009
Crew 3-5 Oct. \'63 - 66 (phase out)
Missile Crew Commander
Lt. Thomas E. Conrad - Morgan Hill, CA
Crew Chief
SSgt. Paul R. Holmberg - Orange City, FL
Mech #1
A2C Stephen E. Teets
Mech #2
Thomas E. Conrad wrote on November 11, 2009
What a great web site. I am so excited. WOW! brings back a lot of memories.
Ken Lasher wrote on July 25, 2009
I was at Sembach 1965-66 (phase out)
38th MMS, Flight Controls, crew member.
Also ran the photo hobby shop 65-66.
snell, waymon w. wrote on July 13, 2009
ref: \"lonely/ no glory in block houses(sic).
I was on maintenance crew-SSGT Mollert, crewchief and the rest of us were out in the MM1 check out van- SOMETIMES- and in the lovely weather most of the time. We wern\'t exactly heralded either, no glory there!
We were out there in the open trying to keep the birds ready/ de-icing and all that \"fun\" stuff. We ONLY worked 24 on and 48 off, with WORKED 24 ON and then collapsed the next 12 unless we had to pull CQ or the like after! I thank SMSGT Jidy Whitlow for preventing this in my case at least ONCE.
I also remember WE Maintenance crew members could NOT switch duty with any other mech 1/2 whatever to attend college courses and definitely could not do homework on duty as the Block-house crew could do.
I still will say the troops I was associated were a great group even tho the squadron(on base) seemed to be very remote as to any of sites concerns!
AL GROFT wrote on July 13, 2009
Guys and Gals - I was at Sembach Sept 59 - Sept 62, as 587th MMS MAST Admin Clerk. I was Sembach chapel organist and formed youth choir Oct 61 to Sept 62. Attending DAYTON with Wendel and Lorraine Guy, at HI - North. I will have two group pix of youth choir with hopes someone at DAYTON will recognize their child, or contact me at home.

709 Elkwood Drive
New Cumberland, PA 17070-1545
Cell 717-580-7941
Ken Corl wrote on July 5, 2009
This is a great site. I served with the 38th MMS at Sembach 1962 to 1966 as a Mech 1. I worked primarily at site 1 for Sgts Sanchez and Reiley,but we also did our turns at II and III. I finished up as Site II Maint. Coordinator in early 1966. I loved the whole experience. Hope to see you in Dayton.

Ron Baird wrote on April 29, 2009
Hello Russ,
Great Site!!! I have enjoyed looking thru the crew listings and found many familiar names (& memories). I am planning to be at Wright-Pat for the upcoming reunion and hope we meet there. I missed the Tuscon get-together but have made the rest of them. Great times! My time at Sembach are some of the greatest times of my life.

Thanks for constructing this site. I do have a bunch of my old orders in a scrap book that I can copy for you along with a few pictures. I will start on that project and bring them for you at Dayton.

Best Regards,
Lee Kyser wrote on April 25, 2009
In June, 2004, Charles C. Cage, Major USAF (Ret), passed away at the age of 69. Chuck had been a launch officer from 1962 - 1964, performing duties first at A Flight and last at C Flight. After his tour at Sembach, he got back into the cockpit as an instructor at Williams AFB, Az. Subsequently, he had a tour in Vietnam flying combat missions in the A-1 Skyraider. Later, he went to Sheppard AFB, Tx as an instructor on the T-38 Talon. His last residence was in Texas.
Ron Hope wrote on March 25, 2009
Hi Russ; good to see your name again and especially info about the 38th Tac Msl Wg. I was the Orderly Room clerk along with Jerry Brockman and Sgt Salwoitis. I was with the 823rd from Jan 1965 until it phased out in Sep 1966. I was then transferred to the 7th Air Commando Sq.
Larry Lechner wrote on March 24, 2009
Continue to enjoy reviewing the latest news and photos. It is amusing to see how each of us has the same pictures of the sites around Sembach, each with his own memories. The 45 years since I was there come back vividly through your website. Hope you continue to find more missileers. Wonder what ever became of Robert M Bond, Frank D Garza.They went on to OCS from Sembach. James Zebris from Ohio lived in our barracks. He was part of the supply operation not a crew member.
Curtis P. Guyote wrote on February 9, 2009
It was a shock to receive your letter, how did you locate me? I am glad you did. Briefly, I was at Sembach from Oct \'62 to Oct \'65. I worked at the Base Flt Line on MM-1, etc. till I was moved to Site II. I will have to look in old boxes for pictures and data. I was in only four years, made A1C there. More later, Thanks Russ, excellent site!
Frank Sierra wrote on February 6, 2009
Stationed at Sembach AB from 64-66 with the 38th Air Police K-9 section. Have great memories from that part of my youth. Would like to reconnect with any of my old K-9 buddies. Or any other cop from that time frame. When I was discharged I swore I\'d never wear an Air Force uniform again. 12 years later I enlisted in the Air Guard and served 22 years with pride. I\'m a professional artist and even though I\'m retired I still do commissioned paintings for the Air Force. I guess My blood is Air Force BLUE. I just love painting airplanes.
Daniel Schurter wrote on December 20, 2008
Greetings from Switzerland!
Daniel Schurter
Lt Col James E. Falconer wrote on November 6, 2008
Excellent Site Russ. Thanks for contacting me about it. During the period from 16 April 1959 till Dec 1962 I served as OIC Specl Wpns Sect, 587 Tac Msl Maint Sq; Group Armament Off, 587 Tac Msl Gp; Nuclear Safety Off, 38 Tac Msl Wg. Enjoyed the duties but not the German weather. Jim
Patrick E. Tagney wrote on September 30, 2008
Good work Russ. I recognize many of the names. The visuals are great. From a \"yardbird\" AIC to CMSgt in 20 years ain\'t bad. Left USAF from KI Sawyer in 1988. Many of the good times I recall are of Sembach and the folks we served with. Still don\'t clearly notice sounds like the old NTCU\'s.

Thomas Robison wrote on September 27, 2008
Mr. Reston, I just wanted to thank you for the article and pictures of my dad. I was too young to remember much about Sembach. If you or Mr. Bailey have any more info. I would appreciate it.

My mother really enjoyed the pictures on website. If you have any pictures of Nino or Analise? mom would enjoy seeing them. Just a little background on dad, he passed away in 1976 of cancer. He had spent a couple of tours in Vietnam as a navigator, and he retired in 1974. I had very little contact with him after the ageof 12, until 1976 when he was in Walter Reed. He was buried in Arlington with full honors.
Thomas S Robison wrote on September 15, 2008
would like to hear from anyone who served
with my father Maj. Thomas Robison at Sembach Air Base approx.1960-63.
Pete Goodwin wrote on July 18, 2008
Russ, thanks for including my photos on your site. I\'m sure dad would have loved looking it over. I know mom and I have.
Richard T. Dick Johnson wrote on July 2, 2008
Russ, I just started to look thru your website. I was a launch crew and flight commander at jolly old Grรผnstadt, the \"jewel in the crown of the 38th TMW\"! 1963-until closure in 1966. Enjoying some great memories of some great people. Will add to your collection as soon as I get organized.